10 Writing Habits Of Famous Authors You Can Use Now in 2024

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A good writer will enjoy a fulfilling career that will include fame and fortune. However, you have to develop healthy habits that will help you to nurture your skills. If you have urgent projects or are overwhelmed, you can hire professionals from companies such as Mypaperwriter who offer customized writing services to help as you work on your writing skills.

The best writers in history have relied heavily on habits. These habits help a writer to achieve more using the least resources and in the shortest time possible. Since accomplished writers are the best teachers, here are tips about their writing habits that made them successful.

  1. Always Carry A Notebook

Maya Angelou is one of the most famous female writers with a lesson from her tiny notebook. She says that the notebook helped her to capture ingenious thoughts whenever they sparked from her mind. It gave her a store from where to draw ideas at the end of the day or when she settled down to write. It could explain why she ended up as one of the best writers of her generation despite working on a day job. She never let any idea to slip off her mind. Always have a notebook and a pen to collect these sprinkling ideas.

  1. Create A Writing Routine

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A writer is like a flower that can only bloom at a particular time of the year. While you can write at any season, the body is wired to follow a routine. Identify the most productive hour for you to write. It could be early in the morning, during the day, afternoon, weekend, late into the night, and such other times.

Kurt Vonnegut was an early riser. It was at the early hours that his mind could allow him to spit the best ideas and words. By the time you get to work and are exhausted, he has committed the best hour and energy to write.

  1. Read Extensively

James Altucher was not a stickler to routines but he had one that helped him to become a famous author. He would rise early and read extensively. Preference for early hours was informed by the fact that the mind was fresh and the body relaxed. Early hours have not disturbance, meaning that you can do the most intense work. The habit turned him into one of the most prolific business writers of his time.

  1. Endeavor To Be Unique

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Stephen King would have been a nobody if he had not decided to remain unique. Writers of his age were telling human stories and using imagery that readers could recognize. Stephen sort to break these boundaries and venture into fantasy, suspense, and fiction. His imaginative approach to writing has seen numerous of his books being converted into films, comic books, and miniseries. His work stands out among the authors of his generation and beyond. With millions of copies sold, there is no doubt that being unique will turn you into a writing gem.

  1. Put In The Long Hours

How many hours are you willing to take writing through a book or article? You could learn from Budd Schulberg who can sit for twelve hours, only breaking for a cup of coffee at six hours. Budd says that writers cannot allow their minds to be distracted. The slightest distraction causes a writer to lose track of the story. It results in disjointed plots that readers will struggle to follow.  A writer must prepare to sit through long hours if they need captivating stories.

  1. Work With A Mentor

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Tylor Cowen is a renowned professor and author of Average is Over. He says that a writer must prepare for a thousand edits and reprimands. They come from mentors and editors who turn out to be tormentors. A mentor will hold your hand but also turn into a crucible where you are cooked. The mentor helps you to avoid mistakes that will slow you down and deny you the fortune that comes with writing.

  1. Believe In Yourself

Readers can feel the energy and enthusiasm in a book. If a writer is doubtful about his work, it will be reflected in the resulting book. Henry Miller says that your fans and readers will tap into your energy stream. If you fail to believe in your idea, they will also fail to believe in you. If a writer is confident that the language a plot is solid, the reader will feel the same about the work.

A doubtful writer will produce works with numerous loose ends. Such works are also imitative because the writer lacks the courage to chart a new path. Believe in the ideas you are pursuing and you will produce the most captivating stories.

  1. Repeat What Works

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Repetition appears like a lack of ideas but it has been proven to work. In fact, a habit is a repetition of routines. Gertrude Stein says that she loved writing in the company of her pet. This pet was a Model T Ford. She used the passenger seat at the front to craft some of the most interesting stories of her generation. She also used errands to brainstorm on her ideas. As the vehicle moves around, she would set her mind free to wander and capture the best ideas available.

  1. Write, Write, And Write

Famous writers are not borne out of one article or book. A series of failures and missteps help to create the best writers. Ernest Hemingway wrote numerous pieces before he became famous. Long after he hit the headlines, he continued to write. According to Earnest, a good writer will produce up to five other copies before the famous one.

  1. Watch Your Health

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Junot Diaz is your idea of a modern writer. He prioritizes his health as much as the quality of his writing. He rises early and completes his work by noon. Only a demanding project would cause him to work beyond the normal hours. It helps to safeguard his mental health.

Each writer has to develop their habit that works for his or her kind of writing. However, you can learn a lot from the habits of writers who have already succeeded in writing. By learning from other writers, you enjoy quick success and an easier path to the top.