Requirements to Work in the Australian Healthcare Industry in 2024

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Most of us dream of becoming either a nurse, a doctor, a dentist or an optometrist in our life. But how much do we know about the requirements to join a healthcare industry?

Just like our marks, talents and knowledge matter in getting a place in the healthcare industry, either for enrollment or for a job, so does our character. Let’s see how one’s character is an important criteria in this field.

Available Opportunities in the Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry is a vast field. We tend to think of nurses, doctors, gynaecologists, dentists etc when we talk about a healthcare professional. But there’s more to it. A healthcare professional is anyone who is capable of providing healthcare treatment and support to a patient. There are several categories in this sector.

Rehabilitation care practitioners, Surgical practitioners, Foot care practitioners, Geriatric care practitioners etc. are also regarded as healthcare professionals. Mental health practitioners, Medical diagnosis providers and Maternal and newborn health practitioners are other parts of a healthcare industry.

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Government Requirement for Healthcare Professionals

For some countries, it is a requirement for anyone willing to work as any healthcare professional, must have a national police check once they are selected for a position. This includes anyone planning to work in the aged care services as well.

The police check is considered as a screening tool for the industry. It must be obtained before they can start practicing in their chosen field.

In some countries, when wanting to work in the medical sector with a potential involvement with the children, one must also get a working with children certificate alongside a national police certificate.

A Police Check

A police check is obtained from any agency considered as an authorized body permitted to provide a police check. It contains a person’s criminal history. It is usually obtained through the state’s federal police where they provide a certificate after assessing the applicant’s criminal history. A national police history check can also be obtained from any organization accredited by the federal body to recognize it as a genuine report.

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Not only any applicant considering to work in this field should have a police certificate, but it is also required from

  • Volunteers looking to act as a care recipients;
  • Supervised or unsupervised staff members going to need access to the recipients or working with them.
  • They must make sure the certificate is no more than 3 years old.
  • The police certificate will contain the following information:
  • A reference number (referring to the document);
  • The date of issue;
  • The applicant’s full name including a middle name (in present);
  • The person’s date of birth.

Nowadays, a police clearance certificate comes in the form of an electronic report, usually emailed to the recipient or a printed certificate sent in the form of a letter to the postal address. Online police check providers like Australian National Character Check have streamlined the national police check process. The decision on the police certificate must be registered by the agency as part of their record keeping.

It is the applicant’s responsibility to supply the approved provider with correct and valid information. The processing of the certificate will take longer if any information is found incorrect or invalid. The applicant’s are entitled to have access to the information they have provided during the application submission. They can request a change in information if they think the information is incorrect. The team allocated for this purpose will then take the necessary actions accordingly.

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A police clearance usually discloses the following information in the certificate :

  • If the person is accused of any cases that is pending in the court;
  • If the person has been discharged from the court after charging him or finding him guilty of any offence;
  • If the person has been convicted of a crime.

What’s Considered Inappropriate for This Job Industry

Not all offences are considered as a risk factor to the job industry. There are few crimes known as serious crimes which will lead to precluding someone from employment. Crimes such as sexual assaults and murders or someone who had been sentenced for imprisonment due to any assault will not be recruited, employed, hired, contracted or accepted as a volunteer either.

If someone has committed a crime between the period of obtaining and renewing the police certificate, and is convicted due to the precluding offence, they must notify the management involved, who will then take measures that are reasonable and legal. Sometimes, the organization will not allow them to continue as a volunteer or a staff member.

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What’s in for the Industry

A person’s past records are a good indicator of his future actions. Just imagine going to a doctor, and then being informed that he had assaulted someone, or worrying that your dentist might be a murderer. How shocking and scary would that be?

By asking everyone in this sector to undertake a police check before recruiting them, and occasionally during their period of service, it is possible to avert any serious situation that could arise due to their behaviour. Additionally, it adds confidence and trust in patients or people that they are being looked after by someone who is free from any criminal offence.

Especially, treating the vulnerable groups such as the aged, children and the diabled is a big responsibility. It is hard to work with them. Hence, they shouldn’t be handed over to people who cannot be relied upon with this responsibility.

Not only the patient’s, but just like any other workplace, it is important that the colleagues trust each other apart from being friendly. It is hard to work somewhere where there is always a fear that their colleague could bring any potential harm in the workplace. For people involved in a high-stress medical environment, they need to have a peace of mind and keep calm to focus more on their duties. It could be quite distressing to know that their work mate is a danger to them or to the workplace. Sometimes, this could be an obstacle to their employment.

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Despite all this, it should be ensured that they are not discriminated against due to their criminal record mentioned in the national criminal history check.


While many of us focus more on the studies, which is absolutely necessary, but at some point, we will also need to focus on developing a good character and a clear criminal history record to get a placement. A national police check is more of a suitable type of character check to prove the nature and personality of a person. The police check has a very important role in the medical sector as it protects the organizations, patients and it’s employees. Nevertheless, it is valued everywhere and is required by everyone.