7 Best WordPress Contest Plugins

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Are you looking for the best WordPress contest plugins to run on your website?

Giveaways, when done correctly, will help you expand your email list, increase your social media following, and promote your website in general.

However, if you want to professionally implement many functions through your website, you’ll need a contest plugin to help you collect signups, promote your WordPress plugins, contest giveaways, choose winners, and more.

Here is a list of 7 of the best WordPress plugins for running contests and giveaways.

Let’s get started…

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RafflePress is one of the newest WordPress contest plugins from the same developers who brought you WPBeginner and WPForms, and MonsterInsights.

It allows you to create a contest in which visitors can win entries by doing things like signing up for your email list, sharing your contests on Twitter, and so on. You’ve also participated in similar competitions before.

Some of the main advantages include,

  • Expanding your email list;
  • Boosting your social media engagement;
  • Encouraging people to watch Facebook posts or a YouTube video by telling them to do so.

By asking your readers to answer questions, you will learn more about them. To increase the number of people who know about your contest (to help you do those last things), you can create as many tasks as you want and allocate a specific number of entries to each one. You may also make certain activities mandatory.

RafflePress tries to use a service’s API to verify that an individual acted wherever possible (this isn’t always possible).

RafflePress also has out-of-the-box integrations with several common email marketing services, as well as a Zapier integration for everything else.

Responsive Poll

Responsive Poll is a robust and efficient WordPress poll plugin that allows you to build polls and contests on your website. It includes a number of animated chart choices for displaying poll results. It also lets you personalize the map and make it look exactly as you want.

The map can be used in various ways, such as a bar chart, pie chart, line chart, radar chart, and more. When it comes to showing your performance, you have a number of options to choose from. The plugin works with the most recent version of WordPress and is extremely simple to use.  You can also use it in conjunction with other modern plugins on your website without fear of incompatibility.

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WishPond is a lot more than a contest creator. It’s a complete marketing solution geared for rapid expansion. You will increase your followers with WishPond by organizing photo competitions, Instagram promotions, and other activities. Apart from that, you can use it to build some great landing pages that your visitors would adore.

The plugin’s marketing automation function assists you in converting leads into sales based on the real-time operation. Wishpond also works for all of your favorite marketing software. Most common WordPress themes and plugins are compatible with the plugin.


The same team behind the famous AppSumo has created KingSumo, a premium giveaway tool (from which we feature many WordPress discounts).

People can sign up for a contest by entering their email address and then completing additional tasks to win more entries, such as posting giveaways on social media. It works similarly to RafflePress and Rafflecopter.

You may enter using various methods, such as listening to a podcast, watching a YouTube video, visiting a link, and so on.

You can connect to certain email marketing services directly, or you can use a Zapier integration to connect to more places.

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Woorise is one of the best WordPress contest plugins with a few more features than the alternatives, including tournaments, forms, and even landing pages. The competitions you can embed in WordPress using the given plugin are likely to attract your interest.

You will give the participants a chance to win entries by installing mobile applications, engaging with social media, uploading images, and more, just like many of the other plugins.

After you’ve finished the contest, you can randomly pick a winner from all of the entrants or manually choose the winner by exporting your contestants.

Photo Contest

As the name implies, Photo Contest allows you to create a photography contest without writing a single line of code. This plugin is super smooth, sensitive, and versatile, so your contest campaign will look fantastic no matter what computer your visitor uses.

The plugin has been reviewed with the most recent edition of WordPress and a variety of free and premium themes. This plugin, like the Video Contest plugin, works with BuddyPress. The plugin complies with GDPR requirements and also allows you to send email updates to contestants.

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Video Contest

Another fantastic WordPress giveaway plugin worth checking out is Video Contest WordPress Plugin. You can easily create video competitions with this plugin in no time. This plugin allows you to access your views, votes, video sources, new submissions, and much more.

The plugin also integrates entirely with BuddyPress, allowing you to build a group site or a forum. It has nine layers of fraud security to tackle spam submission. The plugin is ready for localization and supports nine different languages around the world.


You’re probably aware of the power of contests in increasing your site’s visibility and growing your prospect list. In terms of combining contest products with your WordPress platform, you have a good selection of contest WordPress plugins and other resources to choose from.

You will be the ultimate winner of any competition you deliver if you have the right resources for the job and a little good, common-sense planning. They’re difficult to beat as an easy way to develop your brand and target prospects and customers for your business. There are numerous ways to master how to make the best use of such and similar WordPress contest plugins. Click here to get a more professional approach and support to develop the best wordpress contest plugins.