3 Top Rated Windows 10 Password Reset Tools 2021

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As compared to any other operating system, Windows 10 is the popular option due to the user-friendliness and Functional diversity. But, there can be no other worst thing that can happen to a Windows user than forgetting the login password, which can either be the administrator password or one of the user passwords, so you can’t access the computer and continue working. What should you do if you are in such a situation, here let us explore the top three top-rate tools that will help you with resetting Windows 10 password:


LCP is the short form for Link Control Protocol. As a free tool, it is a password recovery and audit tool. The tool is offered in different versions for different operating systems and databases. It works fundamentally by unearthing the NTLM password hashes from the SAM file and then cracks the password with its integral recovery function.


Initially, download the .zip file the appropriate version of the LCP on the computer, and launch the program.

Secondly, import the hashes from SAM Files, .LCS, .LC, PwDump and Sniff files. Even, then, you can find the SAM File in C:/Windows/System32/Config.

Once, the SAM Files are loaded, the software will show up a table with different columns. At this stage, the NT Password column will show blank for any user account with a password. Otherwise, you will find the words “No Password” against the user.

In case, you see your user name and the NT Password field is empty, it is an indication that you can get back your password with the help of LCP. Now, you can click on the play button to instigate the crack.

Based on the attacking method you choose, the process of cracking can take a few hours and it relies also on the resources of your system. On the process completion, you will see the password displayed on the corresponding user name in the NT Password Column. Now, with this password, you can restart your locked PC.


LCP might not be everyone’s cup of tea. The reason is that the tool uses different cracking methods for recovering passwords. You can choose one of the methods like the dictionary and brute force attack only when you know these technical things.

Windows 10 Password Reset Software

Windows10PasswordReset Software introduced next, is the easiest Windows password recovery tool. It offers the most powerful and safest solution for unlocking any Windows PC without a password just within simple steps. Anyone who has used it knows,it is dedicated to Windows 10 password recovery, as well as Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows XP and Windows Vista, it will take just a few minutes to reset Windows password using this user-friendly tool, so it is very popular with people who don’t have much experience with a computer.


Download and install Windows 10 Password Reset Software from the official website. Run it and you will find the option to choose either CD/DVD or USB Flash Drive to easily burn. Once you choose the options click on the Next button.

Once the burning process is completed, remove the USB/CD/DVD and insert it into the locked Windows 10 computer, then reboot and set the computer boot order in the BIOS mode, you need to use the USB/CD/DVD as the first boot device so that the computer can boot from it.

Once the Windows 10 Computer is rebooted via bootable disk, the Windows 10 password Reset software immediately detects all accounts and passwords on a computer, then, select the user account and password for which you have forgotten the password from the list of local admin and users, then click Reset button.

All the steps are done, the forgotten password is set bank on Windows 10 computer. So, you can access the computer without a password.


Otherwise called as Konboot and Kon Boot, the Kon-Boot can noiselessly evade the authentication process of your Windows-based PC. Most importantly, the tool can do this without overwriting your old password. It means that with this tool, you can get into your Windows PC without the password. It will also help with security audits, data recovery, and tech repairs.


You should first download this tool to another computer that is not locked. Then, install it.

Next, you need to create a bootable disk with the ISO Files of the program. You can do this using any free burners available in the market.

Once the burning is done, connect the CD or Pen drive with disk images to the computer that is locked. When you restart the locked computer with the CD/Pen driven, Kon-Boot screen will show up and you will have to press any random key at this stage to continue.

Just sit without touching the keyboard in your system and you will find a screen that shows “I am proud to be a hacker” appearing and disappearing.

Now, the tool will discreetly change the Windows-specific Kernal for restarting Windows 10 passwords. Now, you can log in to the computer without a password.


It does not support all versions of the Windows operating system. So, you will have to check if it supports the operating system on your computer before using this tool which can be very upsetting.


Simple and easy, compared to the other two tools, you can very well understand that Windows 10 Password Reset Software follows the user-friendly approach, and you can easily solve this problem which will facilitate the solving of issues. You can even try the above two free tools before opting for the paid version, but you may spend a lot of time on free tools.