Willow Smith Will Spend 24h In A Box To Promote Her New Album “The Anxiety”

Image source: OneGreenPlanet

Willow Smith is getting into performance art staging an exhibit inspired by anxiety. For Smith, this hits the home since she struggled with it since she was a child. She’ll spend 24h with her rumored boyfriend Tyler Cole in a  20-foot square box. During this endeavor, Willow will go through eight stages of anxiety: paranoia, rage, sadness, numbness, euphoria, strong interest, compassion, and acceptance.

Image source: Georgia Voice

“We might grunt or scream — it’s going to be very primal”, Smith says. They will not eat or sleep but will take bathroom brakes. The audience will be able to watch Smith and Cole through one side of the box  while the three others will be a canvas on which the duo will “paint and write affirmations.”

Image source: ET Canada

“This is real, this is for a cause”, Willow said. Recently, the main source of her anxiety was climate change. “The fact that we only have 50 years to survive? Like, great. Looking at your phone as a young person and seeing that, how are you supposed to feel?”, she asked. Maybe stop looking at your phone, become aware of your surroundings and initiate some concrete change?

Following the performance, Smith will also drop a new album “The Anxiety”.