Why Slides are so Popular and How Celebrities Wear Them in 2024

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Do you remember having flat rubber slippers in your shoe collection? Yes, the ones you used to wear in your lounge or shower. Well, those seem to be more popular this season. They are normally named as slides for women and men. You can easily find them in any store or even caught anyone wearing them in the stores. In Deco Slides you purchase different kind of slides and you can make your own personalized slides.
This article will share some amazing facts about why slides on shoes are more popular. Moreover, we will discover how some of the celebrities wear them.

Why slides are so popular

Slides are the most comfortable, open-toed, and backless type of footwear. You might not be surprised as your favorite footwear brand Adidas has launched them as Adilette Slides. They were basic black colored with the black and white stripe on them. However, those, at the time, were made of waterproof plastic mainly focus on shower slippers. But, by the time it has gained popularity as every celebrity, fashion-taboo has favored them.

The major reasons for the popularity of these slides on the shoe are that these have been the best comfortable slides for women. More, they come in different colors, materials, and designs. However, one cannot ignore the ease of wearing it. You can slip them on your way as you do from indoor to outdoor.

But, the great turn-on came when different fashion designers have put their part into these slides. Fendi launched furry slides which was a huge hit as it offers all the quality of the best footwear. Those decent slides are converted into comfortable yet fashionable for every high-end fashionista. Different brands and designers like Gucci and others started their line and gained popularity through runways and shows.

However, if we conclude the popularity can be the comfort and ease makes the best slides for women. Moreover, they are now available in every style from street-fashion to high-end so you can buy slides from Freedom Moses that you are looking for. As many people embrace the style and dress them up while replacing their flip-flops increases the popularity.

Some of the major reasons

Img source: unsplash.com
  • Comfort: The slides for women are based on soft and comfy material. Also, they offer great benefits with the arched shape, which prevents posterior heel pain, shin splints, back or knee pain.
  • Variety and style: Another hand-grabbing reason for popularity is the variety. As mentioned above, different designers have launched their line, which makes them the best thing to go for any occasion.
  • Daily usage: The most comfortable slides for women offers everyday ease. You can wear them all day long without a sense of irritation or pain.

These were the basic reasons now let’s see how different celebrities pair these flip-flops to rock their day.

How celebrities wear slides:

1. Rihanna’s style

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Proving the best comfortable slides for women, Rihanna style her favorite flipflops AKA bow slides with Puma to launch her Rihanna collection. She has been a fan of these slide-on shoes and has been spotted many times wearing them by giving people the complete chic look for the season.

2. Zendaya the fashion fearless

Well, Zendaya, which has been called fashion fearless by Micheal Kors, made people trust her fashion sense. The actress gave us the complete Oh Wao airport look by pairing her black Nike with a sweatshirt. Well, these actresses are giving the best goals to wear slides for women while stepping out.

3. Kylie gave some easy styling hacks

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It can be said she owns every possible pair of slides. Through her Instagram, we can imagine her love for easy to slip slider slippers. She had spotted wearing pink fur slides at her baby shower. Besides that, often she has been spotted wearing them. Once, she has paired some black furry slides with black tights and hoodies throwing out some lazy styling hacks which works great every time.

4. Katie Holmes pair those comfy slides with a skirt

Katie Holmes has been spotted wearing the best comfortable slides for women and roaming around New York City in every kind of outfit. Recently she has been spotted wearing her black slides with her skirt trend and makes the combination rock together.

5. Fergie low-key yet stylish

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Fragie offers great styling notes by maintaining a low-key yet stylish look. She carries her minimal military green shirt with black distressed shorts with her Chanel sliders. Those funky and stone embellished sliders to her travel look caught attention, making the combination steal the scene.

6. Hillary Duff completely giving winter lookbook

Hillary Duff was spotted wearing her Givenchy fur sliders as her winter clothing. She paired them up with a black bodysuit and blue jeans while pulling her black long coat.


So, as seen, these comfortable sliders are not going anywhere this season as well. They are the most versatile and comfortable slides of footwear loved by women. However, according to many celebs they have been their regular go-to slippers this season.

Moreover, they have been funky, trendy, and comfortable at the same time. Moreover, the variety of options that fit every personality makes it the perfect combination for many ladies.

These slides for women have been seen trending for uber-rich and middle class almost the same. As there are many affordable slides available, and we can thank heaven for them. Oh! I don’t need any flip-flop vs sandals debate anymore when I own my sliders. So, grab your comfortable slides for women and rock your day. Let your slides speak louder than your efforts.

We hope this article would have served a helping hand in knowing the reasons behind the popularity of slides among women. Moreover, if you are a slide person just like us, let us know in the comments below. However, we will also love to know what brand you love having your slides and the benefits of slides you experience after wearing them.