Why should you go shopping for a new skull cuff?

Why should you go shopping for a new skull cuff

Silver cuffs are in. Well, for some. If you’re spending a lot of time on a bike or in rock clubs, or both, then finding the right jewelry that matches your personality and speaks about your interests can be a bit demanding. What you need is something bold, rugged, noticeable, and original. Like yourself. There are many ways you can get your original piece of silver jewelry, whether it’s a bracelet, a necklace, or a ring. There are plenty of online stores focused on selling that type of jewelry, but you can also find some attractive pieces in numerous stores around your town as well.

Skull cuffs are a particularly popular choice among bikers and rockers. It’s not an accident that this symbol is so appealing to a certain type of people. You can see a lot of bikers wearing skull stickers, patches, rings, necklaces, and similar. It’s not about worshiping Satan or death. Well, with most people. It’s about more than that. The meanings that come with the skull are numerous and you can see it everywhere, but the main concepts that are linked with skulls are bravery, toughness, mortality, danger, and rebellion. You can click here to see more of the jewelry worthy of a biker.

Why should you go shopping for a new skull cuff
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The majority of people see skulls as something bad, unappealing, and distressing, as they are often a symbol of death and danger. However, that is the exact reason why others, like bikers and rockers, choose that symbol to represent themselves. Being different, being yourself, and above all not fearing something so banal and inevitable as death is what we tend to link the bikers and rockers with.

However, the skull symbol has found its way into mainstream fashion as well. It’s no longer as original and unique, but still represents the same things.

Back in the 15th century, people used to accessorize with skulls and everything related a lot.

You’ve heard of “memento mori”?  It translates to “remember you must die.” Even though it sounds so ominous, it makes sense. Accepting death as an inextricable part of life shows maturity and growth. This doesn’t go to say that people aren’t afraid of dying simply because it’s inevitable, but it speaks about bravery and acceptance.

Despite the growing popularity of skulls in fashion, we still tend to link them with the biker world. The truth is that you get to choose what it represents once it’s on your finger, your shirt, your helmet, or around your neck. Silver, rugged rings and bracelets with a snake or eagle head, or a skull can look amazing around the finger of a biker.

Why should you go shopping for a new skull cuff
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The toughness, the sense of danger and freedom follows the bikers, and the big, brutal jewelry simply emphasizes that. You can go with the traditional look, or something more modern, sophisticated, tough, and heavy. It’s really about preferences and the main thing that differentiates it from mainstream jewelry is the lack of rules. No one can tell how to wear it or how to combine it. You make your own rules.