Why Lofi Music Is Loved All over the World? 

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Have you ever heard of Lofi music? Let’s find out why it is so widely known and loved by billions of people in the world. Maybe you will love it too!

I am pretty sure you have watched at least one YouTube clip about Lo-fi music. This genre of music usually comes with keywords such as “help you relax” or “focus on studying” or “listen and chill”. Well, Lo-fi music has the magic to do all of that. 

But have you ever wondered what exactly this genre of music is and what makes it so popular around the world? Let’s scroll down to find out more!

What Is Lofi Music?

Lofi music has been so popular around the world

Well, I may sound quite academic a little bit when it comes to the definition of Lofi music. 

The term Lofi is an acronym of “low fidelity”, which refers to the type of music that has lots of flaws while recording. The way Lofi music sounds is completely different from other types of music. It includes lots of background noise, people talking, crying, and humming. 

Surprisingly, these recording flaws help listeners focus better on their tasks compared to listening to a conventional type of music. 

Why Is It So Popular?

“Ok, Lo-fi music is music that has recording flaws. But why so many people are so in love with it?” You may ask. The answer is very simple: Lo-fi music does not require lots of attention to enjoy. 

Let’s say that you are so immersed in your work and you want to listen to some music at the same time. But then you find it quite distracted, especially when the song is your favorite. 

In that case, Lofi music is a perfect solution. It allows you to enjoy some music while working without being distracted because it has background noises that make it sounds exactly like what you hear every day. 

Listening to Lofi music means that the music is always there and you can enjoy it and still focus on your work.

But who came up with this awesome genre? 

It all first started in 1950. A group of musicians recorded their music and due to their low-quality recording, their music was not as good as expected since it had a lot of distortions in it. Surprisingly people became so in love with their music. 

Until now, the term Lofi music has become so popular all over the world. 

Some Popular Sources of Lofi Music

If you have never heard of Lofi music, then here are a few recommendations for you to try. Some popular Lofi music sources that most people love are from Idealism and Suppe. In fact, there are so many different types of Lofi music: Lofi hip-hop, Lo-fi jazz, Lofi rap, etc…

If you are a newbie who has never enjoyed Lofi music before, it would be nice if you try some ballad or jazz first. Other types of music such as rap and hip-hop may be quite overwhelmed if you are new to this genre. 

Making My Own Lofi Music – Where to Start

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Because of the length limitation, this article will not dig deeper into the technical knowledge needed to create Lofi music. Here are just a few main things you should prepare in order to create not only Lofi music but any type of music as well. 

If you want to create Lofi music, you can start by using music software, which is the easiest and cheapest way to go for. When you are done with adding drums, piano or that sort of thing, then the last step needed is for you to mix all of the melodies. 

The first thing you need to prepare is to get the right music software. Needless to say, the music software you use plays a huge part in deciding how your music would sound. You can download some popular music software and record it at your house. If you have no idea which software to download, here are a few names: FL Studios, Logic Pro, Ableton, and Garageband. 

In most cases, there will be a trial period for you to try and test if the software fits your needs or not. You should try a lot of different software before buying them. 

“But I want to get my own instruments, its sound is so much better.” You may say. Well, that’s true. But bear in mind that the cost is a lot higher than when you buy digital software. As such, it is advisable for you to buy music instruments at a reliable seller who provides high-quality products with proper after-sales services.  

To those newbies who are serious in making music, you should spend some time looking at specialized websites such as Fire Inside Music before making any purchase. Websites like these will definitely give you a clear perspective of what fits both of your needs and budget. 

Just like digital software, you have to do research and test in a while to figure out if that instrument fits your needs or not.

Once you have prepared everything properly, it is time to start making some Lo-fi music. The cool thing about Lofi music is that it mixes lots of sounds into one song. One cool tip you may consider to try is to mix raining or vinyl sounds to make the song a lot fuller. 

Let’s Wrap It Up,  

Lofi music is very different from other genres, probably because it embraces imperfections in a recording. Rather than asking for your full attention, Lofi music includes daily sounds into a song, allowing you to enjoy it while doing so many different things such as studying or working.

If you are looking for a type of music that helps you concentrate, why don’t you try Lofi? Maybe you will love it right after the first song.