5 Reasons Why Joe Rogan Likes Kratom Leaves

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Joe Rogan is not a new name for standup comedy fans; Joe, who is a former actor and host, has been loved globally due to his rib-tickling comedy and excellent comic timings. However, apart from his comedy side, Joe Rogan is a mixed martial arts commentator too who regularly does podcasts on health, nutrition, and new beneficial drugs in town. And when it comes to the useful booming medicines, how can he not talk about the much talked about such strains or extract from its leaves.

Joe Rogan has done several podcasts about the immense health benefits of the Kratom strains and how he discovered them, used them, and how he became a fan of them. Joe openly states it as Miracle Plant and testifies the health benefits of the extract through hands-on experience. He mentioned trying different strains and said how he enjoyed the unique benefits of each one.

Five Reasons why Joe Rogan likes Kratom

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These strains find their roots in the jungles of Southeast Asian countries like Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia. They are well-known for their magical health benefits in the natives of these countries, and they have been chewing fresh leaves of Kratom trees for centuries.

Dry Kratom leaves are usually crushed into powder. They can be consumed either in the form of capsules or are brewed and taken as a tea. In recent years, western countries discovered the amazing health benefits of this miracle plant and exported them to several other countries.

Joe Rogan, like many others, found about the strains and did extensive research on the benefits and side-effects of them and studied the usage and dosage of its herbs. Through his research, he found several advantages of the strains and unique effects different strains offer. Joe Rogan stated the following reasons behind his liking for the extract.

Kratoms as Painkillers

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Management and treatment of chronic pain are not easy to deal with. They require heavy medications as ordinary pain killers are usually ineffective in controlling chronic pain symptoms, especially those related to rheumatoid arthritis, inflammation related to arthritis, and pain due to cancer.

Traditional pharmaceuticals take ages to provide mild relief from chronic pain, and with them, the pain is never actually gone. However, with this extract, chronic pain can be relieved because of the beneficial alkaloids these strains are packed with.

They provide swift relief from chronic pain related to different forms of injuries such as sports-related injuries, accidents associated with injuries, or damages caused due to exercise, and even the pain resulting from various diseases.

Help in quitting Opiates

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Opioid addiction is worse in more than one way. There are plenty of uncontrollable side effects; withdrawal symptoms are hard to control; they take a toll on your cognitive abilities and make you incapable of performing daily life functioning. Even if you aren’t taking opioids purely as addictive drugs, several pain killers have opioids in them, and with continuous usage, most people get hooked to them because of their addictive nature and have a hard time quitting Opiates.

That’s why Joe Rogan loves the extract as he has found that Kratom strains possess high efficiency in treating opioid addiction and controlling the side effects of opioids. Kratoms can be used to treat opioid addiction as they produce similar stimulating results in the brain as opioids do, but they are mild and aren’t addictive. Therefore there won’t be adverse side effects.

Pre-Workout supplements

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Gym enthusiasts often want to enhance their endurance levels so that they make the most out of their workouts, and according to Joe Rogan, such leaves are high as pre-workout supplements. Kratoms before a workout will provide the much-needed energy boost and stimulation to keep on going with the extensive exercises.

People who are involved in sporting activities should use Plant Kratoms as they will offer high energy production, which is directed towards improving their endurance levels. Apart from sportspersons, bodybuilders can also try Plant Kratoms if they want high endurance levels and betterment in their performance.

Martial arts

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Kratoms are equally effective in enhancing the energy required for martial arts as they are for regular sports and bodybuilding. Joe Rogan, who himself is a martial arts enthusiast, testifies this.

Martial Arts need focused energy and enthusiasm to practice, and it provides the desired energy levels and enhanced endurance levels to meet the goals of the martial arts.

Moreover, the energy boost that it offer helps people with an energetic, outgoing lifestyle to meet the demands of their high-demanding life and be one step ahead of their peers.


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Kratom Strains, when taken in high doses, are usually sedating. They will offer you a deep sound sleep, which will leave you all calmed down and relaxed. Whether it’s the physically tough and strenuous day or emotionally draining day and you want to unwind and relax, you can take advantage of the leaves in all situations.

Along with the fantastic relaxing effects, Kratom will offer remarkable health benefits. The mind relaxing effects of the extract are highly beneficial in relieving anxiety and stress.

Which Supplements does he take?

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Joe Rogan mentioned that he has been suffering from chronic knee pain for quite some time, which became unmanageable. But when he discovered the extract, he started using it to manage his knee pain. Rogan takes 6 pills per day, each having 750 mg, which helps him with his severe knee pain.

While mentioning the brand of the strains, he emphasizes purchasing from only verified suppliers who swear by high-quality products like BC Kratom and Urban Ice Organics, which are among his favorite suppliers.

Joe has been taking high doses after finding out his sweet spot and trying upon different variants of the Kratom strains. However, for beginners, he recommends to start with the small doses, and if the treatment failed to bring the desired effect, then increase it by one to two grams.

Does Joe Rogan Recommend Kratom?

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Well, the answer to this question is a big Yes. Joe Rogan is an ardent advocate of Kratom strains because of his personal experience with the wonder drug. Even when he was asked, isn’t this just another form of opioid, he defended Kratom usage by mentioning the positive sides and how they have few side effects as compared to opiates.

They may produce results similar to drugs, but they are mild, not addictive. They won’t cause severe withdrawal symptoms, which make them a way better option than opioids when it comes to relaxation, energy-boosting, and pain-relieving characteristics.