Why is Social Media Account Verification important in 2024

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Surely by now, you have noticed that little blue tick that is displayed on some accounts on social media platforms. It marks verified accounts. Usually, these are profiles of celebrities and some major corporations and brands.

If you are the owner of a startup company, you have probably learned about the importance of digital marketing for your business. In this article, we are not going to discuss why and how these profiles can take your advertising campaigns to the next level. Instead, we are going to tell you why it is essential to get your account verified.

Boost brand awareness

The first, obvious reason why you should get your accounts verified is that, this way, you are going to increase the awareness of your brand. Simply put, people are going to check out your profile and, therefore, your offer. When they see that little tick next to the name, they are going to consider your products even if they have never heard of your business before.

Furthermore, social media platforms use algorithms that favor content from verified accounts. This means that by getting this done, your profile is going to pop up among top profiles when a user searches for a product or service, or on the other hand, simply types in the correct keyword.

Become trustworthy

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Next, nowadays, there are millions of profiles on social media platforms, and only one percent of these are verified. Taking into consideration the number of accounts and the fact that every day we read about someone getting scammed online, the fact the people have become suspicious comes as no surprise.

Since users understand that not everyone can get that blue mark, having one is going to tell them that the page is authentic and that your company is real. This is especially important if you want to provide your followers with coupon codes and discounts they can use. Most people would ignore these when offered by a new account that isn’t verified.

In addition, that tick is going to attract more followers. This is another reason why you should go through this process, because as you know, having more followers is going to make your accounts more popular thus you will improve your online visibility and marketing campaign.

Special features

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You might not be aware of this, but verified accounts receive early access to new features on social media. This is an extremely important benefit because the platforms are constantly including new features and options that help the users make their accounts more appealing.

As you know, one of the most important things that you have to do is ensure that your profile has intriguing and interactive content. It is the only way to get the people to follow you and to always return to your page.

By being able to test these features before anyone else does is an important step on the journey of growing not only your marketing strategies but also the community of followers. After all, people are always looking for something new and unique. So you should get aboard and make the most out of this benefit.

How to become verified?

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Okay, we have told you some major benefits of having this blue mark on your page, but now, let us tell you what you need to do to get it. As you can imagine, this is not an easy thing, because if it were, well, everyone would have it. Since we are going to discuss some rules that can be applied on every platform, if you are interested in learning how to get verified on Facebook, you should read the guide on the Kontentino web page.

Show the authenticity

The very first thing that you have to do is to demonstrate that your account is authentic. Just like the users, the designers of these platforms can be distrustful and they need proof that your company is real if you want them to consider you. How to do this?

The best way to do this is to connect the profiles with each other, and of course, the website. This is a clear sign that you are present on different platforms and that you are also trying to advertise your business and grow the client community.

Post consistently

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This is not important only because you want to ensure that your followers stay engaged in your accounts, but also because it is one of the ways to show that you are going to use these platforms on a regular basis. Surely you agree with us, no one would consider a profile that doesn’t post updates.

Obviously, you should first add the profile picture then include the short bio about your business such as the line of work, address, and phone number. Finally, do not forget to include the link to your website.

Communicate with the followers

This is another thing that you should do in order to increase the chances of getting your profile verified. Without a doubt, this is the best way to show that the account is relevant and that people trust you. This doesn’t only include an occasional like of a comment. You have to really get involved.

Answer all the questions under the posts, and don’t forget about direct messages. Clearly, at some point, you won’t be able to get back to all the followers, but still, you should do your best. Moreover, use other features like stories to get in touch with the users. You can provide them with the opportunity to ask you something and then you make your response public or do some live videos, create polls, etc. Basically, use all the resources that you have to establish strong communication with the community.

Advertise your company

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Building an online presence sometimes might not be enough. In order to demonstrate that your company is a real thing and that you are working on developing your business, you should incorporate other traditional marketing strategies. Invest in some billboards and commercials, show how relevant and influential your business is. If you only work on building social media visibility, your chances of getting verified are not that great.