Why Iceland Should be Your Next Vacation Destination

Img source: nationalgeographic.com

Whether you are planning to travel with friends, your family or even going solo, Iceland is the perfect vacation destination. With its extremely vast and beautiful landscapes, Iceland is on the best destinations where you can enjoy nature.

Here we have listed a few reasons why Iceland should be your next vacation destination.

Iceland is the most peaceful and safest country

The 2015 Global Peace Index states that Iceland is currently the world’s most peaceful country in the world for the seventh year in a row. Iceland does not have any military forces. No navy, army or air force because the country simply does not need it. Police officers do not carry guns on them except SWAT-teams which do have weapons. You even have the freedom to walk up to the president’s house at any time of the day, and you will not be greeted or harassed by security guards. It is actually a popular activity to go to the president’s house to take pictures.

Img source: icelandmag.is

Iceland’s nature is amazing enough to convince you

Iceland’s nature should probably be a good enough reason to convince you to choose the country as your next vacation destination. Iceland has one of the most amazing natural wonders and diverse and beautiful landscapes in the world. In the winter you will be able to catch the famous northern lights while in the summer you can experience the amazing orange and pink paradise created by the midnight sun. Iceland is filled with volcanoes, caves, waterfalls, geysers, and glaciers which will you give an experience of a lifetime.
If Iceland has convinced you that it deserves to be your next vacation destination, then we recommend you book yourself a local tour.

It is actually closer than you think

According to IcelandAdventureTours it may seem on maps that Iceland is some faraway island when in reality it is actually very closely located to Europe and North America. The average plane flight time from Boston to Iceland or New York to Iceland is about four to five hours. It is even closer to Europe with its flight time from London being just two or three hours.

Img source: libertytravel.com

Everyone is equal

The Global Gender Gap Report states that Iceland is the number one country in the world with the most gender equality for eight years in a row. In 1980 Iceland even elected the first female president in the world. In 2009 they elected Johanna Sigurdardottir the world’s first gay prime minister. This shows just how much of a progressive country Iceland is, and they welcome anyone.

Everyone speaks English

If you are worried that you will have trouble getting around Iceland, do not worry. In Iceland, everybody speaks English since all children must learn Danish and English in elementary schools. This is why most people in Iceland have a very good knowledge of the English language after they graduate high school. There won’t be any language barriers while you are visiting Iceland, we can assure you.


If you think that the safest country in the world can’t do a great party, then you are very wrong. Iceland’s nightlife is probably one of the most fun in the world. With all the friendly people you can end up in any house party on the street and then continue in night clubs after 1 am that usually go on till five or six in the morning. If you have the ambition to continue the party, then there are numerous after-parties that can last even till 12 pm.