6 Reasons Why Casinos Gamblers Love Playing Keno

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Keno is a game that is similar to lottery and bingo, with a few key differences, that make this game really attractive for them. Today you can play it online too, and get the most of it. Even though in the past keno was the most criticized game, people actually love it, because it’s an exciting way to gamble, and of course, easily lose their money.

According to many, this is one of the games that most obviously work for the house. The player should choose the wager, then the spots to bet on, and the numbers to bet on the spots. As you can see, there are too many things to consider, and when combined with each other, they create a pretty confusing situation, and the player is too excited to keep track of what’s happening.

But, there are also some benefits of playing this exciting game. First, you need to spot some relevant and reliable places to play it, so we can recommend you pay a visit to 9winz.com/crazy-time, to check how things are going, and choose your favorite version.

So, why do people still love it? Here are some of the reasons for that:

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  1. It’s the most flexible casino game available

The players can choose the risk they are ready to take. They aren’t limited to the number of bets, and they can decide how to get most of their activity. They are choosing the type of bet, and even though the risk is always present, these people actually have better chances than those who play slots or roulette. It’s a similar concept to the lottery’s, since the players can also choose their favorite combination and the amount of money they are ready to pay, so they can estimate the chances to win, and take in mind the risks too.

  1. It’s easy to learn it

It’s similar to almost every lottery game. As a player, you will have to choose to play some specific numbers, and play them as demanded. You are making the bets and wagers, but you have plenty of choices, and that’s why is pretty difficult to win. But, on the other hand, it’s still exciting, and you can really have fun while doing that.

  1. It’s available in almost every casino

No matter if you are playing an online casino, or you visit a physical house. In some countries, it’s forbidden, but in that case, you have the online version. It’s really fast, even though the pace is slow. So, you can do that while you take a lunch break, without having to worry that you will lose all the money.

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  1. It’s a slow-paced game

Slots and other card games can lead to losing huge amounts of money. But this is a slow game, and you can’t play it all the time. The authorities established this rule, so the player can have enough time to rethink the decisions and adjust the bets. On the other hand, every other gambling activity can make you bet more and more, and you will lose all the money you have.

  1. It’s more popular than slots

Even though the first thing you think about when we say a casino is a slot machine, you will be surprised to get to know the fact that keno is much popular than slots. People play it in casinos, online, with friends, and since it’s available everywhere, that means there are a lot of active players. Probably as you read this article, someone is already playing it somewhere.

  1. Your friends can join

You can play it as an individual, or with a group of friends, and you can share the prizes. There are even keno parties. People are gathering together, so they can play keno. Coworkers are playing it during team buildings, family members on family gatherings and friends’ groups are organizing internal championships in keno.

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  1. Everyone can enjoy it

Since the risk of losing money is not that big, people can really enjoy this game, while they take some risks. That’s exciting, and no advanced skills are required. Some people say that Millennials and Gen Z’s hate this game, but there are other generations to play it and have fun too. And while e-sports and betting require knowledge and skills, this is a practically relaxing game, and you can even play it without betting with real money.

The other perks of this game

There are some disadvantages of playing keno, so let’s see why it’s like that. First, no one in the world had ever matched all the numbers, even though the math says is totally possible to do that. It’s a game with a long history, but it’s too slow for today’s young people who are always looking for something more. That’s why some people say it’s a game for grandparents.

On the other hand, even the beginning is exciting. The players know that they don’t really have many chances, but every guessed number is increasing their excitement and good mood. That means, the chances for meltdown due to a lost game are almost inexistent.

Also, the player has plenty of ways to combine the bets and to win something. That’s why you will never get bored if you decide to play this “grandma” game. All those who enjoy bingo and lottery will surely love this one. As we said, you probably won’t line up all the predictions, but you still have chances for decent amounts to win. It’s a casual game, with no huge risks, and you can play it in the evenings with your family or friends.


Every casino game brings some risk with it. You are either lucky today, or you aren’t. It’s on you to choose if you want to play slow or fast games, and the amount of money you are ready to risk. It’s understandable if keno is not your cup of tea, and there are hundreds of games to play. But we are sure that if you try it, you will easily get in the mood for weekly keno, or even more often than that.