5 Reasons Why Some Flower Delivery Services Are So Expensive

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Flowers are the most beautiful sign of respect, attention and to show how much we love and cherish someone. It is the best sign that can only say nice words without saying them at all, and think them deep inside. You do not need an occasion to order a beautiful bouquet and send it to someone. All yNow that you know the reasons for the high prices of flower delivery, you can take them into account in the next order without wondering why this is so. Sing See Soon charges an affordable fee for flower delivery and even provides free delivery for larger orders! And now, enjoy shopping and try to make someone happy with a bouquet of your favorite flowers. You have to do is remember the person, think about him, choose the right bouquet and send it to the address. It would be even better if you knew the favorite type of flowers that a person loves. This would show even more how much that person means to you and how much you respect and love that person deep inside.

According to  the team at felicita-flowers.com when buying a gift, think twice – is it the right one, and is it the one that would surprise the person the most? Expensive gifts and oversized packaging are not always the only thing that leaves people speechless. Sometimes a flower or a bouquet of different flowers can do that, which can express feelings and say phrases such as phrases mean to me, I love you, I respect you, I think of you, and so on. So when choosing a gift next time do not think too much, just go to the nearest flower shop or open the appropriate online flower shop and choose a bouquet that you will send with the person through delivery.

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Delivery is the newest and most powerful mechanism that is widely used today. It is used primarily because it saves time, the person can get the bouquet at the right time, not when you can, then the bouquet can reach any location you can imagine, and so on. Often people when ordering and sending through delivery complain that delivery is too expensive and that it costs a lot. But that does not depend on the delivery organizer. However, there is something that depends on other factors.

These are factors that can not be influenced and that should be respected. Wondering why delivery is sometimes too expensive? Wondering what makes florists so expensive that they charge a high price for delivery? There is no need for more dilemmas. We have gathered enough information to try to help you understand why delivery is sometimes as expensive as it is and why. Are you ready to find out why this is so? Let’s get started.

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1. The flowers are sent from a distant destination

The first reason why the bill that is often paid for the delivery of the ordered is high is the distant destination from which the flowers arrive. Often in certain parts of the world, there are specific types of flowers, bouquets, or flower arrangements that the person likes and wants to have. It can be any part of the world, and most often it is countries like the Netherlands, some of the countries in Scandinavia or Russia where there are beautiful, unique, and quality flowers. That is why these countries are often the target of buyers to surprise someone, and if you want to surprise someone with beautiful quality flowers that is popular among online buyers. 

2. It needs to be transported under special conditions

There are certain types of flowers that require a lot of water, little water, warm air, moist air, cold air and the like. These conditions must be met especially when it comes to transport for the flowers to arrive in unchanged form and be exactly as you saw in the picture when you placed the order. That’s why suppliers try to meet these conditions, and it costs them, so they charge it through the price for delivery to your home. To make you happy with what you get, they do their best, especially when it comes to transportation.

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3. The mode of transport is also often the reason for the high price 

Depending on the time for which you want a bouquet to arrive, the way in which the bouquet will be transported is chosen. For example, if you want the bouquet to arrive from Moscow in a maximum of 4 hours, the florist needs to organize a special charter flight that will meet all the necessary conditions for the bouquet to be fresh, and then to organize a special plane that will bring the bouquet from Moscow to your city. Therefore, the cost of delivery will be quite high, but it is insignificant when it comes to the happiness of your loved one.

4. Delivery speed is the reason for the high cost of delivery

If you order a bouquet and ask for it to be delivered to your home in an extremely short time, then the cost of delivery will be high. This is because, before all orders, yours is given priority so that it is delivered at the time you request. Usually, the price of delivery for urgent orders is higher than the standard price by at least 3 times, ie the price of priority delivery is 3 times higher than the price of regular delivery. Therefore, if you want the courier at the door of your loved one to ring quickly, you will have to pay more.

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5. Delivery is often more expensive if it is a specific location to be delivered

For example, the price can be high if you want the bouquet to arrive at your cottage located high in the mountains. It would be high because you are looking for a service in a location that is far away but also to be reached by specific transport that is not typical in urban conditions such as a jeep or some other off-road vehicle (especially if it is steep landscape or landscape with a lot of mud). It is, therefore, necessary to take into account the fact that extreme conditions require additional payments.

Now that you know the reasons for the high prices of flower delivery, you can take them into account in the next order without wondering why this is so. And now, enjoy shopping and try to make someone happy with a bouquet of your favorite flowers.