Most Popular Types Of Wholesale Roses

Wholesale Roses 2

Roses are the best choice for weddings and other festive decor, because they look equally beautiful both in the wedding bouquet and in the floral decoration of the table and ceremony spaces. Light colors of the petals create a romantic and cozy atmosphere, bright ones speak of passion and feelings, small flowers add sophistication and completeness to the composition.

FiftyFlowers has been offering wholesale roses for holiday bouquets for many years, so you can create the best bridal bouquet collections and flawless floral decor.

Why should you order wholesale roses from FiftyFlowers?

Among the collection offered by the company, you will find both the most popular and quite rare varieties and shades to implement floral projects independently or with the help of your florists.

Thanks to the roses bulk order option, you can choose exactly those aromas, sizes, varieties, and shades that correspond to the preferences of your customers and your creative ideas. In addition to wedding compositions, you can use them to create bouquets for any holiday, giving them an artistic design that will match the theme and mood of the event.

And to make it easier to navigate the parameters, varieties and price variations, you can use the convenient filter on the website and choose wholesale roses bulk roses for any taste. All roses are delivered directly from the greenhouses where they grow, so you will always have fresh and high-quality flowers for bouquets and other decorations.

What varieties of roses are the most popular?


If you know about floristry, then you also know that roses are selected not only for bouquets for loved ones, but they are also actively used in decoration. In particular, they are good for decorating: a wedding arch, a panel for photo shoots, festive tables, hanging flower arrangements. For this, the following are most often used:

  • Gentle classic varieties: Blushing Beige, Coral Quartz, Crimson Tide;
  • Filled with passion and saturated with color Cherry Kiss, Red Ecuadorian Roses, Black Bacarra Red Rose
  • Light and fresh varieties like Amelia Creamy White or Peach Encounter

You can buy roses in bulk, and thus save on the cost of flower decor. All these flowers have a delicate, pleasant aroma and give beauty, just as Aphrodite once gave a drop of her beauty to magical roses. It is always an appropriate gift and a successful decoration for any holiday. In addition to the fact that these are beautiful types of roses, they remain fresh and bright for a long time, retain their aroma and shape. Thanks to these qualities, they remain the most popular in the flower market.

What else affects the popularity of varieties?

Gardeners and professional craftsmen prefer “long-lasting” varieties: those that keep a flower for a long time, have a rich color, are easy to care for and resistant to transportation. These are the varieties that the FiftyFlowers brand offers you. The assortment mainly consists of garden and tea-hybrid types of roses, because they are best suited for realizing the creative ideas of florists and people like them.

You will also find many remontant and dwarf varieties in the FiftyFlowers catalog: the former are noted for being available in any season, and the latter conquer hearts with exquisite, abundant inflorescence. Both varieties have rich and stable colors, are resistant to diseases and pests, and therefore optimally fit into various festive compositions.

How to preserve a bouquet and decor for a long time?


Most of the named varieties keep freshness for 3-4 weeks after cutting, which makes them constant favorites of professional florists. However, you can also advise your customers on how to make a bouquet in a vase or a decoration be stable and delight with its beauty for a long time.

Flowers need the right vase

  • The height of the vase should correspond to the length of the stem: the flowers will last longer if the stem is at least ⅔ submerged in water.
  • Ceramic and glass opaque vases help flowers last longer, because the water in such vessels does not rot or bloom.
  • The water in the vase should be updated regularly: fresh water — fresh roses in the house.
  • The cut of the stem should also be updated so that the flower continues to actively absorb moisture and remains beautiful for a long time.

What to do with flowers in the decor to remain them fresh?

Sponges to retain moisture can be moistened regularly, and then the composition will charm everyone with its freshness much longer. In addition, you can safely get rid of the leaves on the stems, because they also need nutrition, and without it, all the nutrients and moisture will go directly to the buds.

Optimal temperature for any type of roses


The warmer it is in the room, the faster the petals begin to fall, but roses are no less afraid of the cold. Therefore, you will have to maintain a temperature of 18-20 degrees so that the flower does not lose its elasticity, shape, color, and aroma. The smaller the flowers (like a garden rose, for example), the more resistant they are to temperature changes. That is why compositions of small or medium-sized flowers are most often chosen for wedding bouquets: such a composition will delight the bride and guests both during the celebration, and after it is over.

Humidity mode is something you can miss, but it is essential

No matter how hard breeders and sellers try to create optimal conditions to preserve the freshness of roses, their efforts are useless if the air humidity is below 65%. The bush develops in a greenhouse at a stable humidity of 75% — this is more than in an ordinary room or outside. Air humidity at the 65% mark is comfortable for both people and flowers, so florists advise storing flowers under such conditions.

Therefore, proper preparation and storage will be the key to the long-lasting beauty of the rose, regardless of the variety you have chosen.