Which Automated Trading Solutions Are Showing Up in 2024?

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Automated trading has made it possible for both experienced and novice traders and investors to automate their trading procedures. The trend of algorithmic trading was prevalent in 2024 and 2024 is not an exception.

The major reason why forex traders prefer strategic automated trading solutions over other options is the fact that it excludes most of the emotional factors like greed, fear and excitement that goes with the trading process.

Two Robots Continue to Perform

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With the emergence of new and more advanced automated trading solutions, finding a forex robot that is easy to integrate with your current trading strategy is not an easy task. While there are plenty of automated trading robots showing up in the current year, it would be better to stick to the tried and tested options that already have a track record of proven success and performance.

If you go through last year’s reviews, two trading robots literally outperformed the other alternatives. Yes, you guessed them right. We’re talking about forex Fury and Forex Steam. Both of these options managed to earn great reviews and many independent review websites such as Forex Robot Nation have published honest reviews about these products.

Forex Fury

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Forex Fury has always been preferred by genuine traders due to the fact that it comes with a 100% verified Myfxbooks results along with a solid trading strategy that helps traders cope up with the varying and challenging market conditions. Since Forex Fury is designed taking into consideration the diversifying needs of different traders (beginners, mid-level and experienced), the product tends to deliver consistent and rewarding results for everyone.

As far as the trading strategy is concerned, Forex Fury makes use of a classic time-restricted strategy that can amazingly go along with the M15 timeframe. Moreover, this software is able to handle different currencies with sheer perfection and excellence which obviously is an added advantage for the traders especially for those who want to experiment with different currency pairs and are willing to take up their trading game in 2024. The time-restricted approach is ideal for investors whose risk taking capacity is somewhat limited and also for those who don’t have huge investment initially to start their trading business.

Flexibility and adaptability is yet another important feature that sets Forex Fury apart from the others. This automated bot is compatible with many platforms including NFA, FIFO, MT4, etc. To successfully face the challenges of the ever-evolving forex market, this software lands with an effective money management and low risk strategy that let traders take more risk without thinking about the risk of loss.

The choice to customize your own setting is an added perk that lets traders set the options that best compliments their individual trading strategy. All in all, this product is incredibly easy to install and run and hopefully will make its way in the coming year like before.

Forex Steam

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Forex Steam is another popular automated trading solution that is preferred by every trader because of its proven strategy. With more than 10 successful years in the forex market, this software has earned incomparable trust and respect from the seasoned traders who’re fully aware of the nuts and bolts of the trading world.

From simple installation to free updates and verified trading results on Myfxbooks, this automated solution is expected to roll in 2024. If you have just started your trading journey, you can take advantage of Forex Steam’s preset settings. But, if you have ample experience in the trading field and you want to change your bot’s settings to experiment with your approach, you can personalize your software the way you like.

This forex robot comes with useful explainer videos and guides that are available free of cost and serve as a guideline for novice traders that they can use to begin their trading career without needing help from any other trader or source. In fact, it wouldn’t be incorrect if we say that this bot is a one-time investment that helps you become a dependable trader in no time.

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Since market research and forex trading goes hand in hand, generally traders are needed to spend hours doing market research that can keep themselves updated with recent market trends, upcoming opportunities, price fluctuations, currency trends, etc. But, with Forex Steam this entire burden of conducting market research is on the shoulders of developers who will send you timely updates so that you can adjust your trading approach accordingly.

Just like Forex Fury, there are many third-party websites that contain many positive testimonials and reviews for this product. Also, to keep yourself aligned with the varying market changes, you would be able to receive free of cost updates on a regular basis, meaning you don’t really have to switch your software to cope with the latest market innovations as Forex Steam can handle all changes without any difficulty.

When it comes to algorithmic trading, forex Steam is said to be one of the most user-friendly options available so far. Thanks to the Forex Steam’s manageable and low-risk approach, traders with limited budget and confined risk capacity can also try their luck in the forex market without worrying about their investment and loss.


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Whether you’re a beginner with a limited budget and a careful and calculated trading strategy or an experienced trader with an aggressive trading approach, both these options can help you achieve your trading objectives in the coming year.

The developers seem to be too passionate about their products and it’s expected that they will introduce new updates and features in their already amazing products soon. Make sure you also do some research at your end and carefully go through the services/features list to know more about these two options.

There is no denying the fact that you need an automated solution to upgrade your trading this year. Forex Fury and Forex Steam, because of their proven track record and flexibility are said to be the future of forex trading. Now let’s see how well these products maintain their current standing and reputation to face the challenges of the current year.