What You Need To Know About The Best Cordless Vacuum For Hardwood Floors


Man has three basic needs: food, clothing, and shelter. After getting the first two, you must also have the third one. However, the kind of shelter that you live in depends on your social and financial status. Most people in the developed world can afford houses that have hardwood floors. They feature a state of the art outlook, not to mention that they are good looking, and smart. In fact, they highly complement the aesthetic value of your house. However, they also get dirty and have to be cleaned to retain their splendor. You have to buy the best cordless vacuum for hardwood floors to clean them thoroughly without damaging it.

Know more about it

This device is cordless and it is categorically designed for hardwood floors. They are also known as stick vacuums and those by FindMats, are thin and have their wall charging stations. You do not have to drag them on the floor because they are light enough to be carried around. Instead of using your traditional cleaner to clean a small mess, this one is always at your disposal.

These vacuum cleaners are absolutely independent because they have their own batteries. In the beginning, their batteries could not last for long, but with time, the manufacturers have increased their battery life. They also have other features like multiple suctions levels which are designed for diverse needs and surfaces. The higher the power level, the faster it drains the vacuum’s power and vice versa. Compared to the traditional corded vacuums, the cordless ones are better, preferable, and efficient. You can grab it and clean the floor in case a cup of tea or water spills over.

Moreover, when you buy it, you will be sure that you are buying a product that is specifically meant for that kind of floor. Therefore, you will not be in doubt whether it will damage it or scratch it. The vacuum features a cleaning head which can be turned on and off. Moreover, they also come with a number of attachments which make cleaning an easy task for you. Regardless of what has dirtied your floor, you can easily get rid of it. The best cordless vacuum for hardwood floors is a must-have for ease and convenience of cleaning. Visit here, you will get other good information about best cordless vacuum for hardwood floors

Some of the factors you need to consider before buying a cordless vacuum include:

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Apart from the hardwood type, the vacuums are also versatile. They are also able to clean other floor types like tiles, and laminate ones. Moreover, others are also able to clean carpets. Therefore, when you have it in your house, you will know that you have solved most of your floor cleaning hassles. Hardwood, tile, and laminate types are compatible hence they can be properly handled by the vacuum. In fact, that is a great advantage for you because you will have a one-stop floor cleaner at hand at ago.

Battery power

Unlike the traditional vacuums, this one does not rely on direct power from a power socket. It relies on its battery and the battery capacity determines the running time of the vacuum. The smaller the battery capacity is directly proportional to the running time of it. You should be very careful with the battery to avoid regretting later because if you buy a device which has a poor battery, its running time will be limited. The suction levels also matter in relation to power consumption. Some also have spare batteries and when one is exhausted, you can easily change it as the other one continues charging.

Suction and motor

Hardwood floors require a powerful motor for thorough and splendid work. Without this, the vacuum will do a shoddy work that will compromise the look of your floor. In addition, you should also ensure that it has several suction levels. They are necessary depending on the task that you are doing. They are high and low respectively – suited for your cleaning operations. The harder the cleaning exercise will require a higher suction level and higher power consumption.

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Vacuums which are padded are the best because they cannot scratch the floor. The bottom and the sides of it should be padded, not to mention having rubberized wheels. Every part of this device that touches the floor should be padded to avoid anything, unfortunately.


Weight is an important factor to consider when buying a vacuum because it is often used as a subordinate cleaner of the traditional one. Wherefore, if the other one is heavy and then the cordless one is also heavy, that will be a great turn off. You need a light device that you can use clean a spill in 30 seconds chap.

To sum it up, these factors and many more are what you should look for in a cordless vacuum before buying. Click here to see some of them.