What you Need to Know about Anchorage Alaska

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Preparing to see the biggest city in Alaska? Here are some tips and tricks, like driving around, buying breakfast, and making the most out of your trip, so you’re ready to experience Anchorage at Ted Stevens International Airport until you hit your wheels.

Cold Winters

Indeed, it can get cold in Anchorage. But not as cold as other locations such as Minneapolis or Fargo cold weather. That’s because the town is bundled off the Pacific Ocean in the range of the Chugach Mountains and driven by the currents. The mean winter daytime temperatures vary from 5 to 30 ° F. It’s the ideal time to go if you’re not in big crowds.

Anchorage Summers

In short, the summer season in Alaska is nothing short of heavenly. Locals are preparing their whole year between May and September, cramming from fishing trips to mountain walks to seeking some excuse to dine al fresco. Temperatures drop in the 60s and there are weeks at a time without any real darkness, two factors that create the perfect environment to squeeze most of your time there.

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The Alaskans take their Java seriously. There are more than 180 coffee shops, bikes, and slinging espressos in Anchorage alone. In fact, this is one coffee establishment for every 1,600 people. The love of good things has led to the rise of the local favorite roaster, Kaladi Brothers Coffee, a company that now has dozen-plus outlets in Anchorage (and one is Seattle) and produces well over a million pounds of coffee each year.

Markets and festivals

Alaska is host to a multitude of amusing events, and Anchorage is no exception. Summers have events such as the Slam’n Salm’n Derby and the Summer Solstice Festival, plus the Anchorage Market and the Carnival each weekend. Even winter has its fair share of revelry, with the Fur Rendezvous Festival, including out – of-house races and the Running of the Reindeer (styled after the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona) and the Iditarod Sled Dog Race.


It’s probably best to leave your well-intentioned diet at home while you’re exploring Anchorage. Among exotic meats (hot dog reindeer and yak burgers are a must), rock star cooks, and a booming craft brewery scene, there are delicious food oodles to enjoy.

Cost of things

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Even those who come from spendier areas were hit by some sticker shock in Anchorage. Many products in Alaska need to be transported up by barge, flown in, and carried thousands of miles by rail. The cost of gasoline for transporting goods to Alaska is included in the total cost. And in the summer months when the tourist season is in full swing hotels so attractions become generally more expensive due to increased demand.

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