What To Look For In A Life Coach

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Finding a life coach that suits you is not going to be as easy as you might think. It’s not just about the technicality of the coach, but the connection and rapport that exists between the two of you.

There has to be some kind of bond or chemistry between you two, something that defines your partnership as client and coach. This bond is unique, and it varies from individual to individual. This means that you don’t decide to take on a life advisor because your friends say so, or because society demands it. It has to be your decision and yours alone. There are various qualities to look out for when searching for a coach, but here are some attributes you should take into consideration before choosing a life coach;

  1. Authenticity

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This attribute is as simple as it gets. Without authenticity, there will be no trust, and without trust, there will be no connection between you two. Ensure your advisor is as real as possible and that he or she does not pretend to be someone they are not. Authenticity is the foundation of any client and coach relationship. In as much as these individuals try to portray themselves to their clients in a certain way, they should try to be as real as possible to avoid mistrust.

  1. Style

The way a life coach addresses your problems matters a lot. The manner of approach of your advisor matters a lot because it goes a long way in influencing your decisions. Each coach is unique, and it is because of this quality that makes the difference in perspective among them very important. Imagine a life coach as movie directors; even if two directors were to produce the same movie, it is most likely that the emotions you feel, message, and story of these movies will be very different. Why? Because each one has a very distinct style and approach.

  1. Confidence

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Confidence is all about knowing your worth, achievements, and accepting your shortcomings as an advisor. It doesn’t matter how many clients they have or how perfect you are; it’s about being honest in your profession and to your clients. Confidence is about putting ego aside and make your client the center of attention instead of you.

Therefore, you must seek someone who is has a healthy balance of confidence and humility. Make sure you find someone who is not overbearing and thinks they know all the answers.

  1. Passion

A life coach must have a passion for his/her craft. They must be passionate about helping others and especially you, the client. Although loyalties tend to shift and their passion may waiver, the fact should remain that your advisor must genuinely love her/his profession irrespective of social status. I believe that as a life coach, your passion for your job is what determines the outcome of what you end up accomplishing when working with them.

  1. X-Factor

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This is that common denominator in your relationship. The unexplained and sometimes unexpected spark or phenomenon that ignites the light in your relationship. It is no news that life coaches are also affected by our own (clients) experiences and reasoning either positively or negatively.

This spark can come in various forms making it feel almost like magic. It could be the resonance the both of you had at first contact or the feeling of knowing that someone believes in your dreams or visions, or even the feeling of being relevant. The bottom line is this spark is essential in any client and coach relationship; it is usually genuine and cannot be forced or faked.

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