What Does a REVS Check Tell You?

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Purchasing a used car is a challenging task, and it requires a lot of knowledge about various vehicle certificates. The PPSR (REVS) is another necessary certificate that you need when you purchase any second-hand car. It informs you whether your automobile owes any money from its previous owner or not. If there is any amount, then you will be responsible for the debt.

There is no need to buy such a vehicle when you buy a newly repossessed car. Many people wonder about the details that exist in this report. It is necessary to have every detail about the document before you apply for it.

You can get the certificate from various online platforms like on this website. But you have to choose the best platform for this task. In the following write-up, we will discuss the REVS and how it is necessary for every second-hand car owner. Get all the details here and apply for the certificate.

About REVS Check

If you want to get financial status information of your vehicle, then a REVS certificate must be your requirement. Many people do not know about this crucial document which is a must for every second-hand car owner. REVS certificate involves all the historical details and other necessary information in it.

There is another for this document, i.e., PPSR (Personal Property Securities Register) or VSR (Vehicle Securities Register). The REVS check is quite crucial whenever you plan any used car with old documents and policies. After buying a vehicle, you will be the new owner, and it is necessary to know everything about it.

Why is REVS Check Important?

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The REVS certificate is quite crucial to own because it consists of the entire history of a vehicle. Before you purchase a second-hand car, it is necessary to check the complete details of the automobile. You must know whether you are investing your money in the right thing or not.

When you know everything, it will be easy for you to gain confidence while purchasing your favorite automobile. Whenever you plan to buy any used car, make sure that you consider the REVS check. You cannot skip this document during the purchase process. This document tells a lot about the vehicle, and it is a must to own it.

What Things Can You Check in a REVS Certificate?

Consider the list of things that are mentioned in the REVS certificate:

1. Finance Owing

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In this certificate, all the details of the previous owner are mentioned. You can get an idea of whether the vehicle owes any money or not. It is necessary to retrieve such information to get relief from any pending payments. If you do not know about this detail, you need to pay the owed money after you purchase it. The finance owing is a crucial factor to check whenever you buy any used car.

2. Water Damage

You must know whether the second-hand car you are buying is water damaged or not. Sometimes, many sellers sell their old cars after repairing water damages. You must not purchase such vehicles because later, you have to spend additional money on repairs. There are chances of damages in the later stages.

3. Stolen Status

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It is necessary to know whether the car was previously stolen or not. If any vehicle is stolen, there is an FIR against it. Many thieves try to sell automobiles to dealers, which is illegal in every country. Make sure that you do not buy it from such an individual. Always check the stolen status of the car to be safe.

4. Written-off Check

You have to ensure that the second-hand car you are buying was ever severely damaged or not. The insurance company provides different policies to the car owners. They can claim the amount in case of severe damages.

The claim policy is not beneficial for the third-party owners. But if the insurance claim is untouched, then you can buy that vehicle. No one wants to gain loss in their future years. The automobile company cannot help you in case of any damage after you buy that car.

5. Previous REVS Certificate

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Whenever we buy any new or old car, the customer gets the REVS certificate. All the details regarding the old REVS are mentioned in the current certificate. It means that there is a complete history of the vehicle on a single document. Many people never bother to consider this thing. In reality, you can check the details of the previous REVS certificate.

6. Registration Information

It is essential to have registration details like plate number, expiry date, territory, and other information. You must know where and how the second-hand car is registered. It is necessary to collect all the information about the vehicle which is available on the REVS Certificate.

Other Tips to Purchase a Used Car

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  • You must inform all the details to the seller regarding REVS and other checks.
  • Get VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) along with other car history details. Information includes doorposts, all the engine details, registration certificate, and much more.
  • Check and compare the registration information mentioned on the documents. If the details match, then you can proceed further.
  • If you want to protect yourself from repossessions, then you must own the PPSR certificate.

The Bottom Line

REVS check is quite crucial when it comes to buying a second-hand car. There is a list of necessary documents that you need during the purchase. It is a must to involve this one also. Many people do not know its importance and what information is mentioned in it.

Anyone who wants to protect themselves from repossession or massive loss in the future, then REVS is a must for them. After going through this write-up, everything about this certificate is quite clear in your mind. You can be a part of illegal activity if you do not have proper papers while purchasing any car. If anyone is doing fraud with you, it will be easy for you to recognize it.