What Kratom Color is the  Strongest – 2024 Guide

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The products from the South Asian tree are getting more popular by the day. Kratom is said to be really effective when it comes to pain relief and coping with the symptoms of depression and anxiety. Before you decide to purchase and try this plant, you may want to know more about the different types and varieties there are on the market. Kratom comes in different colors, and every one of them has properties that you can benefit from.

In this article, you will learn more about the benefits of the plant, and how to use it correctly. We are also going to talk more about the different colors and which one of them is the strongest. The dosage depends on your specific body type, and what you are expecting to gain from it, so you should always talk to your doctor before you try it, to find the right dosage for you.

Kratom Strains and Benefits

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There are three main strains of the Mitragyna speciose tree, but there are also many other types and varieties of it. The main difference between them is the color, and it comes from the way the strain is processed and prepared to be sold.

Even though they have slightly different properties, and they will impact you in different ways, they all have health benefits. The main reason why people use it is to help with both physical and emotional issues. It is said to be a pain reliever, so no matter if you are suffering from arthritis, endometriosis, or if you have a hard time coping with the pain after a broken bone or surgery, you can try this product. It is also used to help boost your mood, and it can help users cope with the symptoms of depression and anxiety.

By using Kratom you will not only feel better and happier, but you will also be more motivated. Users suggest that they are able to finish tasks faster, they can focus on their work, and they have no problem communicating with their peers and coworkers.

The products are also used in medical facilities, as Kratom is given to recovering addicts. It helps with the process of withdrawal and it makes the whole process easier for patients. It is mostly used to help people stop using drugs, but it is also prescribed for recovering alcoholics. The way it works is it helps with nausea and vomiting; it lifts the mood of patients and it helps them sleep better without experiencing any pain.

The three main strains have healing properties, and now we are going to give you more information about the things they do and the potency of each and every one of them.


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This is definitely not something you want to start with. The white strain is recommended for people who’ve already used the other types of the plant, and who are already adjusted to its potency and flavor. The way it’s made is that the leaves are harvested when they are young, the veins are still white, and that’s how they got the name. This is the strongest strain from the 3 main types and the effects you will feel from it include high energy, happiness and you will feel more motivated to finish your daily tasks.

One thing you should know is that the only strain stronger than the white is Maeng Da and it is said to have properties from both the white and the red Kratom. Kratom Rack suggests that the Maeng Da is one of the most popular strains, it has rich properties and a long list of benefits that people consume it for.


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This strain is harvested when the leaves are more mature and they are dried in two separate processes. The first one includes drying them indoors, and then they are moved outside to complete the process. It is a stimulant, but it is not as potent as the white strain.

The main reason why people choose this type is that it will boost your energy and it will make you more focused. Users suggest that their minds are clear and they are able to tackle any given task.


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This is the most popular of the three main types and the benefits vary from pain relief to feelings of happiness and relaxation. The feeling you will get depends on the amount you use, and on your specific goal and situation.

This type is not a stimulant, and it is not considered as taboo as the other two strains. It is the easiest to buy and most beginners choose this type to start with.

The red strain can bring users feelings of euphoria, and it is recommended for people who are suffering from depression or anxiety. It is said that it can also help with other mental health issues, but there are still not enough studies to prove this theory. Even though it is not approved as a pain reliever substitute, users report that this type brings a lot of pain relief really fast. It is mostly recommended for people who are suffering from migraines, but it can ease any other type of pain as well.

Other types of Kratom include the Maeng Da that we already mentioned, Bentuangie, Hulu Kapuas, and the Yellow Vein variety.

Even though this plant offers a lot of health benefits, it is still not legal everywhere in the world. So, before ordering it, you should check if it is legal in your country. Always talk to a professional about the way you should use and the right dosage for you. There are a lot of different products you can find on the market, and you can even make tea out of it.

If you are a beginner, then you should start with the red strain, and move your way up to green and then white. You should not start with the strongest colors because you need to be careful about the effects it will have on you. When you start, you have to start with really small doses and pay attention to any side effects you may experience. Talk to your doctor about the safe way to use this plant.