What is Linear TV and Its Benefits – 2024 Guide

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Television has changed significantly over time, adapting to the needs of the audience. In the beginning, television offered a completely revolutionary way of consuming content, but with the rapid development of technology also came the need for television to adapt to modern trends brought by the Internet era. The television we know today offers many new possibilities and is no longer limited to passive consumption of content, but provides the opportunity to broadcast it ourselves.

Internet TV is a new thing that provides new options for broadcasting content, but still within the linear television that viewers know and enjoy. It is believed that in the future we can expect many new benefits from linear television, and in today’s article we want to discuss this topic a little deeper. What is linear television and what are its benefits? Find out more below.

What exactly is linear TV?

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We can say that linear television is the television we all know and have enjoyed in our homes for decades now. It involves a traditional approach to broadcasting, where content is delivered to the public via satellite or cable, always at a scheduled time and on a particular channel. Linear television is also called cable or traditional television.

To simplify the story: if you watch your favorite TV show on a certain channel every day at a certain time, because its broadcast is scheduled at that particular time and on that channel, this is called the linear experience of watching television.

Although there were indications that with the development of the Internet and technology, interest in linear television in general would decline, this did not happen. Statistics have shown that linear television is still almost as popular among adults in the US as it was 3 years ago. Among adult viewers, linear television still accounts for the greatest percentage of time spent consuming video. This indicates that linear television will continue to stick around no matter what, thanks to the many benefits it provides.

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Today, it is possible to create TV channels within linear television and have your own online TV network. An example of this is Strimm – a platform that will be your best friend and inbound marketing tool for your business. This platform is one of the leaders in the field and allows you to create TV, schedule content and broadcast it live.

They are in this niche since 2012 and serve thousands of people from 160+ countries. There are 4500+ TV stations broadcasting 24/7 on Strimm.com. All of them are created by ordinary people. Strimm gives you the ability to create linear TV channels with scheduled shows, which can be broadcast in real time. It represents a revolution in linear television that remains within the confines of the familiar and provides viewers with more enjoyment of quality content.

Linear TV benefits

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  1. It is still an amazing advertising platform

Given that there has been no decline in linear television ratings over the years, traditional television has proven to be an amazing advertising platform. It offers an opportunity to everyone who wants to advertise in this way to create quality content for their audience, and the best part is that everything takes place exactly where that audience wants to spend time. You don’t have to ‘catch’ their attention, because it is already focused on watching television, which means that a perfect environment for marketing advertising is achieved this way.

Of course, whether this type of marketing will be the most optimal for your company depends on several different factors, which depend on the type of message you are transmitting, the business you are engaged in, and others. But if this is the right approach for you, then you can definitely benefit from linear television.

  1. It provides a haven in the world of advanced technology

Although technology has brought us a number of benefits, the fact is that the rise of online content on demand and subscription services is not so pleasant and receptive to everyone. Some people still just want to have narrowed options and limited content choices to watch, so they don’t have to deal with endless content options.

When streaming becomes a burden, linear television provides a haven in a world of advanced technology. Online TV today provides opportunities to deliver high-quality content to audiences, suggesting that combining digital and traditional approaches can be a winning combination in today’s modern age.

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  1. Online TV provides new opportunities to get to know your audience

In the past, the main objections to traditional linear television when it comes to marketing are that it has rather limited measurements compared to other forms of broadcasting. Or at least this was the case before, until new options emerged that made linear TV more relevant in today’s digital world.

Nowadays, Internet TV brings new opportunities to better get to know your target audience and deliver content tailored to their needs. This limiting factor is slowly being lost by using some new, modern approaches that provide new opportunities to companies, by creating their own TV channels.

The future of linear TV

Given that we have concluded that linear TV is here to stay, it makes more sense to look to the future than to the past. Nowadays, it is easier than ever to create your own linear TV channel, so it is expected that digital and linear TV will be an ideal combination in the future to promote products and services. But it will also provide real enjoyment for viewers, as has been the case so far.

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Final word

Linear, traditional, cable or scheduled TV is the television we are all used to and have enjoyed in our homes for decades. Although its popularity was expected to decline with the advent of the Internet era, this did not happen.

Today there are new opportunities to create your own online TV and combine digital and traditional approaches to get optimal results. Linear television has so many benefits and it seems that it is here to stay. In addition to providing a number of new opportunities for companies to meet their target audience and advertise there, it also provides greater enjoyment to viewers, which is one of its main advantages.