What is an EICR Certificate – 2024 Review

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So who should get EICR certificate? The response is simply, everyone. IT doesn’t matter it is for your house or a place of work. All buildings should be covered by it. If someone tells you that there is no legal obligation to have it, they are correct. But that is not the whole story. In many cases, when dealing with matters of law, EICR will be mentioned and will serve as a significant legal document. It is crucial to have it, so we can satisfy many responsibilities of the law.

Let us just mention The Electricity at Work Act as the best possible case. It really should not matter if you are a tenant or are renting an apartment. In both situations, it could be essential to acquire this certificate on time. For example, if a tenant gets electrocuted because of hazardous installations, the landowner could be held responsible. Ignorance is not a defense that judges will admit into courthouses. Sometimes it is even a condition to have a license for renting. But even if you are a tenant, making sure that the building has an Electrical Condition Report can help you immensely. Most significantly when it comes to insurance. Every time we have to deal with insurance companies and the law, it is best to have all possible papers. So if you are already convinced, or just have some more questions, check out Howsy. But in the meantime, let us try to clear out any possible dilemmas about what is an EICR Certificate.

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The EICR is a thorough examination of the wiring of our electrical installations. So basically a report on all related to electricity in the building. It states that everything is secure and in accordance with rules or standards. When it comes to electronics, we only see the tip of the iceberg. There are many aspects of it that are hidden beneath the surface. All of them are reviewed, so any possible safety risk is identified on time. There are different types of problems that can be identified. Code one, code two, and code three are how they are referred to. Code one is the most serious one. It represents a threat that must be fixed immediately. Code three, on the other hand, represent suggestions that don’t require urgent attention.

Generally speaking, an electrician will have to make sure that several things are functioning properly. The fuse board is one of the things that is quite often not secure enough. It is also crucial that everything is accurately earthed since lethal incidents may occur otherwise. Wirings installations are another example of things that have to be in perfect order. So when we have an expert give us a visit, they will make a several pages long report. The supervisor is next in line, and they will sign the report as verification that everything written inside is indeed true. By the rules, you need to get a copy after that, so make sure to keep it. They will also inform you about any additional work that needs to be done in the building. As always, paperwork can be excruciating, but it is necessary. Furthermore, having these papers might be of vital importance in the future.

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So what happens when the building doesn’t pass with flying grades? Any problems that are recognized by an expert that is visiting your home or place of work need to be examined and solved. Usually, the deadline is 28 days, but it can be more urgent in some situations. It really depends on the problem that was discovered and how much of the threat it poses. Once all of the issues are resolved, the owner of the building has some new obligations. They should get a paper of proof that everything is corrected and that security is now up to regulations. That confirmation needs to be given together with the initial statement of problems to every person living or working in the building. That also needs to be done in the time that was determined in the beginning. All of that paperwork should be given to local authorities as well.

So how can we best prepare and be fully ready for this inspection? There is one thing we should always keep in mind. The electrician will have to turn off electricity before they start their work. That means that if you had to finish some work on your computer or need any other device, finish those before they come to examine everything. Be prepared that they will have to work for a couple of hours. Some of the places they will need to check are quite hard to reach, maybe behind the couch or the closet.

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Be aware of where your sockets and other items of importance are. And clear the area around them. We are always hoping that everything is in perfect condition. And when it isn’t that they can fix it promptly or at least tell us exactly what needs to be done. And that is true in many cases. But be ready that they might need up to two days to process all of the information they gathered before they can tell you what should be done. There might even be a need for another visit from an expert if the problems are particularly troublesome. Remember, just because all of the devices seem to work perfectly for you, it doesn’t mean that everything is in absolute order.

As we have seen, it is nothing to be afraid of or be alarmed about. Yes, the paperwork that you might need to do can be extensive. But the chances are that if everything seems in order to you, there won’t be any complicated procedures to perform. EICR certificate is definitely something that you will be happy you have. If there ever comes a time you need it. As always in life, the proverb is completely correct. Better safe than sorry. So be prepared for anything that could happen. Your future self will be thankful.