How Do I Know What Headlights to Buy for My Car?


The quality of headlights and their functioning is very important, because they have an important role during the day and at night. Therefore, you should regularly inspect and replace them as needed. Experts recommend changing it every few years. The good news is that you have many options on the market when it comes to headlights.

There are many online auto parts stores available and we are sure you will find the right parts. Earlier you had to visit a physical store to find parts, but today there is no excuse because all parts are online. So, you just need to spare a little more time and read a few of our tips.

When is it time for new headlights?


In order for your vehicle to be functional and safe to use at all times, you must regularly check its components. One of the most important components is precisely the light bulbs. Not only do they allow you to see the road while driving at night, but they also make you visible to other road users. That’s why you have to take care of them every day. Use the right maintenance products to keep them looking like new. In this way, you will extend their life. Most of these components are made of plastic. As time passes, the plastic oxidizes and becomes cloudy. Such an appearance reduces the efficiency of the headlights, and also contributes to an ugly appearance. In this case, it is necessary to completely replace the headlights. The replacement price depends on the model of the car, as well as the model of the headlights. You can do this work yourself or with the help of an expert. Specialized shops that offer Vland headlights can help you with both choosing the right model and replacing it.

How do I clean the headlights myself?

If you decide to do all the work yourself, you will need masking tape, car wax, polishing compound, sandpaper and UV clear coat. It would not be a bad idea to get a protective film as well. You can order all of that online. After you have acquired the necessary material and a pair of headlights, clean the plastic housing and protect the surrounding surface. Make sure to do it thoroughly and not to skip anything so that the results are satisfactory. Now comes the sanding. It is a key process during which you will use sandpaper of different grits. You start with the coarsest sandpaper by wetting it and going over it in a straight, horizontal motion. This process only takes a few minutes, and the surface must be wet at all times. Otherwise, you will damage the headlights.


As you sand, you will notice that the yellow color is slowly disappearing. If you notice this happening, continue, but with a finer grit sandpaper. As in the previous stage, the surface must remain wet all the time, but this time use diagonal movements. After 5 to 10 minutes of work, switch to the finest grit and direct the sandpaper in the opposite diagonal direction. The next stage is polishing and waxing the headlights. After a thorough cleaning, you need a polishing agent and a clean cloth. Rub the product into the headlights in circular motions, then apply the wax to a damp cloth and rub into the plastic. Finally, apply a protective UV varnish to make all your hard work pay off. Go over the entire surface of the headlight and let it dry. A protective film is also necessary to protect the headlights from scratches and other types of damage.

Type of headlights

There are several types of headlights. If you want to choose the model that suits you best, familiarize yourself with their features. Technology has made it possible for us to have a large selection of products, and engineers are constantly trying to expand the offer. One of the most popular types is halogen lights and the reason is very obvious. They are easy to install and affordable. The lifetime of light bulbs is quite long, and their replacement is cheap. They are able to withstand high temperatures, come in different sizes and can be installed on most cars. Another advantage is that they can be gradually darkened, and the manufacturers have used this in the best way. They created different versions. The next type of headlights is HID-High-Intensity Discharge lights. They are best known for the high intensity of the light beam. Car owners often opt for this type of headlights because they are an efficient solution. The main reason is the color temperature and the amount of light that the headlights can generate. They appeared many years ago, and today they are the main option for many companies. They are very similar to classic neon. They have a longer lifespan than halogen bulbs when used under normal circumstances, but they will cost you more money to replace. LED headlights are also very popular and Light Emitting Diodes have a very wide application due to low energy consumption and size, as well as brightness. However LEDs require advanced cooling because temperature of LEDs may damage other parts nearby.

How do I know what headlights to buy for my car?


All that we have explained to you so far has a direct impact on the answer to this question. There is no one type of headlights that is so much better than the others, otherwise the other types would not even exist. It all depends on your needs and budget. The model of the car should also be considered, what fits both the technical characteristics and the appearance, because headlights certainly have a significant impact on the exterior appearance of the car.


Before you decide on one option, think about all the options you have. We recommend striking a balance between attractiveness and practicality. Do not forget about the shelf life, because it will save you money. If you opt for long-lasting ones, you won’t have to change them so easily. For example, they are LED bulbs. Do not forget about the light intensity, because the headlights must provide you with good enough visibility on the road. That is their main function.