What Can a Cosmetic Dentist do For Me?

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A cosmetic dentist can offer a wide range of treatments to improve your smile. The service that they offer may also improve your self-confidence and give you a healthier, younger appearance.

What kind of procedures do cosmetic dentists offer?

Your cosmetic dentist may offer a wide range of procedures. Advancements in technology have enabled cosmetic dentists to achieve much more than was possible in the past. Some of the most common cosmetic dentistry procedures include teeth whitening, recontouring, veneer provision, and “gummy” smile correction. Teeth whitening is particularly popular as it is virtually pain-free and incredibly affordable. During whitening, the teeth are bleached so stains can be removed and discolouring can be corrected.

Teeth whitening aims to give you a whiter and brighter smile. Click here to find similar solutions. There are several teeth whitening treatments available. Your cosmetic dentist should talk you through all your options so you can choose the one that’s right for you. The term “gummy smile” is often used for smiles where large amounts of gum are exposed. Some people with “gummy” smiles are unhappy with their appearance, although dentists don’t see exposed gum as a problem. Various treatments for “gummy” smiles are available. Dentists can cut excess gum away and reshape it, and braces can be used to manipulate bone development in younger people. The upper lip can also be lowered to cover exposed gum.

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Veneers, recontouring and white fillings

If you have gaps between your teeth, chips, cracks or an uneven smile, veneers could help. Veneers may help you boost the appearance of your smile. Before veneers are installed, they can be matched to the colour of your existing teeth by a cosmetic dentist in Caledon like smiledentistry.ca.  They are then bonded to the teeth’s surfaces. Again, there are many different types of veneers available. What’s right for you will depend on factors like your budget, situation and personal preferences.

Tooth recontouring is used to resolve problems such as chipped, cracked, crooked and overlapping teeth. It can smoothen rough grooves and edges and be used to treat holes in the teeth. The treatment is only mildly invasive and can alter the shape, surface and length of your teeth to give you the smile you desire. More and more people are opting for white fillings as they don’t like the appearance of silver in their mouths. White fillings may also be right for you if you’re worried about the risks attached to mercury. These fillings can be placed inside any of your teeth.

Stats about cosmetic dentistry

Many cosmetic dentistry studies have been carried out over recent years. This research has provided us with many fascinating insights into the world of cosmetic dentistry. For instance, a study undertaken by the AACD found that 99.7% of respondents thought a smile was an important social asset. 96% of those surveyed thought attractive smiles made people more appealing to the opposite sex. 74% said an unattractive smile could reduce someone’s career opportunities.

Those surveyed were also asked what the first things they noticed about somebody’s smile were. Dental straightness and whiteness were amongst the first things people noticed. Cleanliness was also deemed to be very important, as were whether teeth were missing and whether the teeth sparkled. When the respondents were asked about the kind of things that made smiles unattractive, common answers included discoloured and stained teeth. Missing and crooked teeth were often cited as unattractive by those taking part in the survey, as were decaying teeth, gaps and unclean teeth.

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What are the most popular procedures amongst different age groups?

People under twenty commonly opted for teeth whitening, orthodontics and white fillings. Popular amongst people aged between 20-50 were whitening, porcelain veneers, white fillings and porcelain crowns and bridges. Several dental treatments appeared to be popular amongst patients aged 50 and over in the above study. These included dentures, dental implants, crowns and bridges. It’s clear to see a big difference between the treatments sought out by older and younger patients.

Other benefits of cosmetic dentistry

The most common reasons for people seeking out cosmetic dentistry treatments was because they wanted their teeth to be straighter, whiter and brighter. However, people opt for cosmetic dentistry for a whole host of reasons. Many people purchase cosmetic dentistry services because they want to boost their self-esteem and confidence. Treatments have also become more popular as they have fallen in price. Cosmetic dentistry is no longer the preserve of the rich and famous, and prices are generally more affordable than they have ever been. This means a brighter, whiter and straighter smile is out of reach for far fewer people than it was in the past.

People often book themselves in for cosmetic dentistry when they have a big event coming up. It’s common for people to have treatment because they have a wedding, birthday, holiday or job interview coming up and they are likely to be photographed or judged on their appearance. Cosmetic dentistry isn’t just used for visual reasons. It’s common for people to consult cosmetic dentists because they have problems with their oral health and therefore require bridges, crowns, veneers and implants in order to overcome them.

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There are many solutions available to you if you are interested in benefiting from cosmetic dentistry. Not every solution is right for everyone, but there’s likely to be one that meets your needs no matter what they are. A qualified cosmetic dentist can help you boost your confidence and make you happier with the way that you look. Just make sure you ask as many questions as you need to before treatment goes ahead so you can make an educated decision.