What Are The Signs That Your Vape Tank Need To Be Replaced 2024

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Provided you are using a portable vaporizer, vape box mod or an E-cig, changing the tank regularly is necessary as it improves the functionality and durability of your device. However, many vapers don’t know the right timing for changing a vaping tank. There are highly rated vape tanks from smoktech.com that are effective. A quality one can stand the test of time, but that does not mean it won’t need a replacement at one point. Here are signs that it’s time to purchase a new one;

  • Stale taste

The taste of your vapor should not be stale, and if it is, then that’s a sign that you need to go for another one. A tank in god state should produce a delicious and potent vapor, but this disappears once it wears out. If off late, you are getting a strange taste, it time to have it replaced.

  • E-juice color turning dark

Basically, E-juice has a light color when in the tank, but when it is overused, the E-juice starts to darken. In such a case, that’s a signal that you need a new one. Continuous use of your device attracts build up in the tanks and coils. This build-up, in turn, forms a “gunk” responsible for the dark color of the E-juice. Also, it forms a taste like that of “toasted almond”. That said, a darkish fluid color is an indication that you need to act accordingly.

  • Experiencing difficulties when heating

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Once the coil starts to wear out, it will be more difficult to heat the tank. You will also note a decrease in pleasure while vaping, unlike when your vaping device was fresh from the market. It’s not a wonder if your tank reaches to a point of not heating at all. This is simply an alert that yours is beyond repair and a new one is needed with immediate effect.

  • Thinner vapor

Normally, the vapor should be thick. Vaping is even more enjoyable when the vapor cloud is thick. A thinner cloud is a reminder to you that the tank was supposed to be replaced at some point. You can’t afford to miss the fun that comes with releasing a thick and beautiful cloud of vapor.

  • Atomizer coils going out

Atomizer coils are usually inside the tank of your device. They are known to enhance the heating of the E-liquid allowing it to be vaporized. Sometimes you may realize that the tank is still new and in good condition, but if the atomizer coils have wearied out, it has to be replaced.

  • You barely enjoy vaping

If you are a vaper, you became one because you did not want to miss the fun that comes with vaping. At first, the fun was too much, and you looked forward to every vaping opportunity. However, that may not be the case now and you can’t help but get disappointed. The good news is that there is still room to enjoy vaping. All you have to do is replace your tank and you will be good to go.

What causes a vape tank to smell?

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A smelly vape tank will prevent you from having a sweet vaping experience. Even with the most delicious E-liquid flavors, you can end up having a horrible odor with a smelly tank. Here are the reasons yours might smell;

  • Low-quality E-liquids

If you go for low-quality E-liquids, you will get a strange odor. This is because such E-liquids have ingredients with a chemical like or synthetic odor which is quite nasty. Alternatively, maybe your vape juice can’t work with high wattage vaping levels.

  • Not cleaning it frequently

Failing to clean your vape tank will result in unpleasant odors. Hence, you should clean it often to avoid bacteria build-up

  • Failing to clean your tank after exchanging flavors

Every time you switch to a new flavor, ensure that you clean the previous flavor completely. Remains from old e-liquid will destroy the new e-liquid flavor.

  • Spoiled coil

A spoiled coil will trigger a bad odor from your tank. The smell can be so bad. This is why you need to check the condition of your coil now and then to avoid getting unpleasant flavors.

How do you clean your vape tank or coil?

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So your vaping device was just delivered to you and the excitement you feel knows no bound? Having a sleek and shiny vaping device that will always keep you in high spirits is exciting. But the excitement may not last long in case you are not able to maintain your vape device and the tank as well.

Even the latest vaping device in the market needs maintenance to enhance performance.  If you wait until dirt clogs in your device tank, you might have to go back to the market soon; here is how to keep your vape tank clean;

Simple rinsing process

  1. Warm some water and then pour it in a bowl
  2. Separate your tank from the mod
  3. Do away with e-liquid remains in your tank
  4. Ensure it is completely undone
  5. Put its components inside a bowl to avoid losing them
  6. Clean the components one by one until they are clean. In case, of too much dirt, you can consider using your dish soap
  7. Dry all the components. You can use a paper towel
  8. Leave them for some time to dry completely
  9. Reassemble the tank and put it back in the device

Deep cleaning your vape tank using alcohol

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Simple rinsing should be repeated regularly. However, for better results, use alcohol to deep cleanse your vape tank. Learn how to go about it;

  1. Separate the tan from the mod
  2. Pour any remaining e-liquid inside the tank
  3. Separate the components
  4. Put them inside a bowl or rather a secure place
  5. You can use Vodka (High-proof & nonflavored) to remove stubborn dirt from the tank.       Vodka is an excellent solvent that eliminates e-juice deposits available in the tan. Dip a cloth in vodka then use it to scrub.
  6. Use warm water to rinse and wipe
  7. Leave to dry in the air for a quarter an hour
  8. Reassemble your tank and the device

With a well maintained vaping tank, you are going to have the sweetest vaping experience. Just ensure that it’s clean even after switching flavors. You can also go for a new one when necessary.