What Are the Benefits of Clean Beauty?

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The clean beauty movement is becoming more popular as people are becoming more aware of the chemicals they put in their bodies. While there are so many harmful, synthetically made chemicals that are being deemed as “safe” that doesn’t mean they’re healthy. These harmful ingredients are known to disrupt hormone levels and cause cancer.

It only makes sense to make the switch to clean beauty products such as Lawless Beauty whose mission is to offer non-toxic, high performing makeup. However, even for some people who have made the switch, they aren’t completely sure why. So, here are the 3 benefits of using clean beauty products.

No Skin Irritating Ingredients

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This is probably the biggest benefit of using clean beauty makeup up. When you start using makeup that had high-quality ingredients, you avoid running into any unwanted skin irritations or rashes that may be caused by the harmful ingredients placed in conventional makeup. In addition to skin irritation, some of these ingredients have been linked to cause cancer and interrupt hormone levels.

Ingredients that can irritate your skin include parabens, sulfates, fragrance, perfume, and more. Your face absorbs up to 64% of the chemicals placed on it, so why wouldn’t you want the products you’re placing on your skin to be good for you? The worst part is that these conventional makeup companies know that the ingredients they are placing in their makeup are known to irritate skin and jeopardize the health of their consumers.

It’s all about making money. When you use clean beauty, you’re using products that have no harmful synthetic ingredients or product fillers. They can actually improve your skin and clear it up of unwanted irritation or rashes that you may have been having trouble with before.

You Save Money

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One of the biggest myths we hear about using clean beauty is that it’s too expensive. This isn’t true at all. The best part about clean beauty is that a little goes a long way because the ingredients are so high quality.

So, since you end up using less at every application, you end up decreasing the number of times you have to buy more makeup. Also, when it’s compared to the typical luxury makeup brands, it’s very comparable and sometimes even less. You just have to be willing to make the switch and stick with it.

It’s Good for Your Health

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Who wouldn’t want to use makeup that is actually good for your health? Not only is it safe, but it offers nourishing ingredients that can improve your overall health, not just your skin. On average, women absorb 5lbs of the make of makeup annually through their skin so why wouldn’t you want those ingredients to be healthy?

Some of the nourishing and healthy ingredients included in clean beauty products are aloe, shea butter, avocado oil, jojoba oil, and more. Not only will you notice an improvement in your skin, but you’ll also notice an increase in your energy and how you feel overall.