What are All-Inclusive Hotels?

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An All-Inclusive Hotel, as the name implies, covers a large number of benefits for a single daily rate. This is room, food, drinks, room service, entertainment tips, and internet or Wi-Fi. The main attraction of these tour packages is that they are designed so that guests do not feel the need to leave the hotel. This way, they can enjoy their vacations with total peace of mind. Also, All-Inclusive Hotels are one of the ideal options for family trips, especially when you have small children.

The Best All-Inclusive Hotels in the Canary Islands

Now, we will introduce you to the 3 best All Inclusive Hotels in the Canary Islands. Select the most appropriate option and don’t forget to enjoy a dream vacation in the Canary Islands.

1. Dunas Hotels & Resorts

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Located on the Gran Canaria Island, the Dunas Hotels & Resorts (visit hotelesdunas.com) are ideally prepared to give you a unique experience thanks to its All-Inclusive package. In Gran Canaria, you will find 4 hotels under the signature Dunas, ready to offer you a unique and unique stay. Dunas Hotels have two excellent All Inclusive offers to enjoy one of the two capitals of the Canary Islands:

  • Standard All-Inclusive Package: includes local, national and international drinks, to be consumed during the stay at the poolside bar/disco. Also, you can enjoy a buffet lunch.
  • Select All-Inclusive Package: breakfast, lunch, and dinner in the best buffet style or enjoy an excellent à la carte lunch at Greg’s Bar. Don’t miss the day without the most delicious snacks and the most select drinks with or without alcohol in the Lounge Bar. To make it more special, enjoy a free entrance to the Spa.

The offers of the All-Inclusive Dunas Hotels begin with lunch on the day of arrival and end at noon on the day of departure.

2. HD Hotels

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HD Hotels is another of the most famous hotel and resort firms in the Canary Islands. This firm has 2 hotels in Gran Canaria, 1 resort in Lanzarote and 1 hotel in Tenerife. Each of them, with different rooms and styles that will make you live experience without comparison. For example:

  • HD Parque Cristobal Gran Canaria: it is one of the All-Inclusive hotels in the Canary Islands for family vacations, especially for children. It has 2 children’s pools, slides, games room, and many more activities.
  • Hotel Acuario Lifestyle: it is located in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. With its All-Inclusive package, its services seek to make you feel at home. It is designed with an exclusive environment for its guests.
  • HD Beach Resort & Spa: this All-Inclusive Resort is located in Lanzarote, looking for you and your family to spend a very active holiday while playing sports. Its extensive facilities, gym, and water sports center, Spa, playgrounds and others, make it one of your best options.
  • HD Parque Cristóbal Tenerife: one of the most popular islands in the Canary Islands, it has one of the All-Inclusive hotels ready to offer you the best possible experience. Its “Park House” concept is designed to offer you direct contact with nature.

3. Barceló Fuerteventura Thalasso Spa

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If there is a word to describe what the Barceló Fuerteventura Thalasso Spa hotel is, it would be “impressive”. It is located in Fuerteventura, is one of the most complete All-Inclusive resorts on the island. It has large areas of enjoyment and recreation such as Caleta de Fuste, the golf course, the marina, the castle and convenient access to the beach. It also has a modern thalassotherapy center. And what about your views from the pool area! A wide panorama towards the Atlantic Ocean that, without a doubt, would make anyone fall in love. The All-Inclusive regime of this hotel is the best option for travelers. You can enjoy the best international cuisine at the Maxorata Buffet restaurant, during breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Also, you can go to savor delicious snacks at the Aloe Bar, and enjoy an extensive menu of drinks and cocktails. It also includes entertainment services and very attractive leisure sports activities.

Make your best choice

Now that you know 3 of the best All-Inclusive hotels in the Canary Islands, there is nothing left but to plan your trip and your budget. Do not hesitate to check rates and availability in each of the All-Inclusive hotels that we have presented and dare to live a totally different vacation.