What Am I Doing Wrong? Unravelling the Weight Loss Puzzle

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Within the fitness industry, the number one goal amongst gym-goers tends to be losing weight. Why is it that losing it is so difficult? What are the best methods proven to be successful in losing weight?  Let’s ask the professionals over at EveryBody’sPersonalTrainer, the nation’s leading in-home personal training company.

In its simplest form weight loss is heavily dependent on calories in versus calories out. Basically, what this means is that in order to lose some, you need to be burning more calories than you are taking in. If it is that simple, then how come so many of us struggle to lose some kilograms?

One of the most prevalent reasons why most don’t find success is accountability. There are many ways to throw off this equation mentioned above. For instance, caloric intake. Food is enjoyable and can be a crutch for many people. It has been shown in studies that a diet rich in carbohydrates and fat can spike the serotonin levels and give one a feeling of well-being. However, such a diet causes weight gain and subsequent disease in the long run and should be avoided.

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Having accountability in one’s diet is usually the most fundamental aspect of losing weight. Using measures such as hiring a personal trainer, or even joining a support group on Facebook or other social media have been proven to be useful. Another great idea is to inform as many people as you can around you such as family, spouse, friends, co-workers of your weight loss goals. That way they can keep that measure of accountability when you are feeling like cheating on your diet.

Exercise, of course, is very important in the equation as well. Exercise helps to burn calories thus putting you in a better ratio on that equation i.e. caloric output. Cardiovascular exercise can help you burn calories and help you shed some of those pounds.

Resistance training is an important element of a weight loss routine. By exercising with weights and resistance one can increase their overall lean musculature. Muscle, of course, burns more calories at rest thus by changing one’s body composition they can create a more efficient fat-burning machine.

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Another important element to a weight loss plan is taking a blood test. You may ask what is the importance of taking a blood test and how does that affect losing weight? The truth is unless you are running optimally inside you cannot make any Improvement on the outside. Reason being the brain secretes a hormone known as thyroid. The thyroid helps to regulate your metabolism and help you maintain healthy body weight. If you have an underactive thyroid it will be virtually impossible to lose weight and get in shape. As a result, it is important to take a blood test to make sure that your thyroid is working efficiently. If so then all the other elements of weight loss should be very productive. However, if for some reason your thyroid is not running optimally even if you are doing all of the above correctly you will still not be able to lose weight. One more interesting idea could be a diet box, which could help you manage the food and the amount that you’re eating. Learn more about it on likeastore.com.

Not only is it important to get an idea of what your thyroid levels are, but if you are a male it is also important to get an idea of what’s your testosterone and estrogen levels are in addition to the thyroid. If you are a female, it’s important to get an idea of your blood sugar and estrogen and other hormone levels. 

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All on the same line it is not a bad idea to also get your adrenal and vitamin T3 levels checked as well. If your blood test finest deficiencies you can always supplement with extra vitamin D3, or additional supplements to help to regulate good levels. Some individuals use turmeric pills provided by companies like Lyfe Botanicals to help them manage their weight since it’s known to be highly beneficial in people with metabolic disorders. 

Losing weight in a healthy manner is not a sprint rather a marathon. It is important to change one’s lifestyle for the long run not just the short-term. By following some of the guidelines listed above, one should experience excellent results.