Weirdest Stag Do Pranks in 2024


Stag Dos are notorious for pranks and OTT exaggerated character behaviors, although the majority of the pranks are directed mainly at the groom very often the group members come up with some crazy and outrageous ideas for all members of the Bachelor Party. Here is a light-hearted look at some of the most bizarre and extraordinary pranks, capers and buffoonery.

Many dedicated Stag & Hen companies offer several organized pranks and one of the most requested is the Dwarf Hire. The Stag is handcuffed to a dwarf that is usually in fancy dress with the Smurf version being a huge hit with the partygoers. The female dwarf has to go everywhere with the Stag and that includes the bathroom which can sometimes affect all the men present in all sorts of ways. A more extreme Dwarf Hire involves a trio of dwarves dressed in Velcro suits so they can be thrown like darts at a target and stick to it, now that is a bizarre activity a Dwarf Throwing Contest.


A more sinister but popular prank which has also proven to be risky on occasion is the Stag Kidnap, three burly pretend kidnappers turn up and in an instant grab the intended Stag, put a bag on his head and cuff him then bundle him into their getaway vehicle. Obviously, this is all pre-arranged with the group organiser but it has happened that the organiser didn’t inform the group members and this has caused a startling reaction from the partygoers trying to protect the Stag. However, all ends well as the fake kidnappers meet up with the rest of the group 15 minutes later with the shaken Stag who may need a change of clothes.

Another similar prank is the Fake Arrest by again burly fake police officers. They use a ruse of a man fitting the Stags description for a reported criminal offence in the area. They then cart him off to meet up later in a beforehand nominated place much to the relief of the poor sod.

The Rabid Dog Chase is another organised prank which sees the groom suited up in protective safety clothing then sent running through a field. The attack dogs are highly trained German shepherds used by the Police force. It is quite a sight watching these dogs run down a fake criminal and take him out, the Stag stands no chance, a cool spectator sport. Staying the theme of activities offered by Stag & Hen companies the Fake Hotel Employee, after a night out on the tiles and a heavy drinking session you can arrange the Sexy Housemaid or Angry Manageress to wake up the Stag next morning much to the pleasure of the partygoers who capture your confused, dazed and hangover state on camera as the sexy housemaid does everything but clean the room and the angry manageress drops her clipboard to perform an intimate show in his room.


As is traditional and par for the course on a Stag Do the partygoers come up with their own versions of humiliating pranks for the Stag. One of the most notorious pranks is duct-taping the Stag whilst naked to a lamp-post or similar, a tried and tested prank throughout the decades. Sometimes, the Stag is so intoxicated he passes out due to all the frivolity and debauchery going on during the evening his mates transport him to a far away place, when he wakes up he finds himself in the middle of nowhere or in a strange B&B and it has been known to find a Stag in weird places like a zoo, supermarket rubbish skip and people’s private property. However, these are extreme cases and depending on the instructions from the bride to the Best Man the more toned down act of humiliation is to decorate a Stag with all kinds of offensive objects which can include sex toys, condoms and fake or staged pictures pinned to his clothing of disgusting scenes his buddies arranged while the Stag was in his drunken stupor. I dare to mention a particular photograph in which the Stag was placed in such a way that it looked like he was inspecting a dog’s genital with his mouth! As mentioned earlier the bachelor group participants can be cruel. In recent times the Blindfolded Fake Bungee Jump has hit the popularity charts. The group make the Stag believe he is going to launch himself from a great height attached to the bungee cord but in reality he falls from only 30 or 40cms into a pool or pond. There are numerous videos on the media platforms to watch if you want to perfect your version of this prank.

The next one is somewhat bizarre as the Stag is relieved of all cash, cards, phone and anything else that might generate cash. He is then given the opportunity to busk until he’s collected enough for a pint. He has to use any means to obtain money in the hat that’s given to him and maybe an instrument if lucky.


The infamous Mankini wearing is also a firm favourite especially if the group organiser has booked the Oil Wrestling which involves two fighter strippers who drag in the Stag stripped down to his mankini for a hot ‘n steamy round of pure humiliation. One last prank which is very unnerving for the Stag is the What I forgot trick. You simply give the wrong info to the Stag on flight or train departure by making turn up hours earlier than required. The panic sets in as no-one from the group is there and as he begins to contact his mates they all give the same reply of, is there, I forgot, are you sure, you got the dates wrong and so on, it’s manic. However, later the partygoers drift in with huge smiles and setting the scene for the Stag’s end of being single. Some stag do companies (like e.g.: – a Krakow based bachelor weekends organiser) even dare to combine this prank with the fake kidnapping, where the stag is first captured by 2 fake kidnappers, blindfold driven around the town for a while, and then brought into a dark room where the oil wrestling show begins.

Pranks are essential to a Stag Party Weekend otherwise it’s just a holiday break or a night out with mates, creativity is required or just invent your version of the above examples or use a dedicated company to get a real shock blast effect with loads of the humiliation factor included.