5 Reasons To Use Webinars For Your Online Business in 2024

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There’s no doubt about it, running webinars is one of the most efficient and effective ways to build and grow your online business. Yes, they are going to take a little bit of work to set up, but the payoff is more than anyone could ever ask for.

So if you haven’t started using either live to automated webinars for your online business yet, this is one article that you’re going to want to read.

First, let’s talk about the different types of webinars that you can use.

Webinars: What Are The 2 Options?

You can either use live or automated webinars to build and grow your online business. Once you become a master at creating live presentations, then you can run automated presentations.

As a general rule of thumb, you will want to start with live presentations so that you can get a better understanding of what your audience wants. That will allow you to make many tweaks over time and help increase your conversions.

Keep in mind that there is a massive difference in a 1% or 2% increase in conversions when you’re selling an offer that’s $997 or even higher. So with that being said, here’s a look at 5 different reasons why you should use webinars.

1. Webinars Can Be Automated

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This has to be one of the most exciting benefits of webinars, and that’s why it’s at the top of the list. It’s understanding to know that many people will completely disregard doing presentations because you have to give a live talk.

However, what many marketers fail to realize is that the video presentation can be 100% automated. This is thanks to many of the helpful automated webinar tools on the market, which you can click here for an example of a top pick.

You can automate every single aspect of the process too, you just need to focus on sending traffic to your registration page. Here are the steps that visitors will get taken through after signing up for an automated event:

  • They get sent to thank you page along with getting an email in their inbox.
  • They get auto-directed to the presentation page once it starts.
  • The presentation gets watched and they can have a chat and ask questions.
  • They finally reach the end where they can make a purchase or ask further questions.

Keep in mind that not everyone will be able to make a purchase. However, you don’t need to convert that high especially if you have 1,000 people watching your presentation and you’re offering a higher-priced offer.

2. Webinars Provide A Tremendous Amount Of Value

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Maybe you’re not 100% focused on making sales, and maybe you just want to provide a tremendous amount of value. Don’t worry, both live and automated presentations allow you to do that as well. For example, your presentation can be a training that shows your audience how to go from point A to point B to achieve a specific result.

You can also do a live questions and answers segment where you answer any and every question that your audience has for you. This is a great way for your audience to not only get to know you but understand your level of experience on a specific topic.

3. Webinars Allow You To Make Many More Sales

This is yet another big reason why you’ll want to take advantage of these types of presentations, as they simply allow you to make many more sales. Keep in mind that we’re not talking about $10 sales here, we are talking about at least $500 per sale. It can be much higher than that too.

The reason why these presentations convert so well is that you can interact with your audience and counter any type of objections that they might have. Plus, nothing beats social proof when your audience purchases and starts raving about how excited they are in the chatbox.

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As it’s been mentioned previously, converting at 1% (which is very low) for 200 people is 2 sales.

  • 2 sales at $1,000 each comes out to $2,000.
  • That’s not all that bad for only 1-2 hours of work.

The more you can increase your conversions, the more money you’ll ultimately make.

4. You Can Reach People All Across The World

What’s better than reaching an audience only in your country? Reaching an audience all across the world. This is even easier to do when it comes to running automated presentations because you don’t have to be there for the presentation to happen.

Just imagine how difficult it would be to reach people from other countries without any type of presentation. It becomes even more challenging if the time zones are much different than yours.

5. You Can Partner With Other Online Business Owners

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Here’s the last little-known reason why you should be using presentations with your online business. You can partner with other business owners, and this can work in 2 ways.

  1. You’re a great presenter and you have something to sell.
  2. You have a massive audience and you want to share someone else’s offer with them.

For the first scenario, that would require you to partner with someone else and leverage the audience that they have. This is usually done in a way where you split the sales that were made. Not a bad scenario, especially when you get to leverage the traffic that you didn’t even own.

In the second scenario, you might not have any other offers to sell, or maybe you want to recommend an offer as an affiliate which is much easier to do. All you need to do is introduce the person who is going to be selling an offer, and then they run the rest of the presentation. When all is said and done, you split the money made, but that can change based upon the agreement that you came up with.

Closing Benefits About Webinars

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So those are 5 of the biggest reasons why you should be using this tool for your online business. What’s even better is that there are plenty more reasons where those came from. For example, here are a few more benefits in closing.

  • You can become an authority in your niche.
  • They will allow you to free up more of your time.
  • You won’t need to focus on many aspects of your business.
  • Don’t forget about being cost-effective too.

All in all, both live and automated events are a sure-fire way to increasing your conversions, making more sales, along with growing your online business. Start utilizing them as soon as possible, and you’ll be on the fast path for growing your entire business.