7 Ways to Wear Knee High Boots and Not Look Totally Ridiculous

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Looking trendy is something we all strive for. While everyone has different tastes and pieces they enjoy wearing, some things are staples on their own. When it comes to footwear, there are lots of options to choose from, however, knee-high boots are pieces essential to possess.

The knee-highs are quick to enhance your style and can be easily combined with lots of outfit ideas. However, it is also easy to screw up and look ridiculous. For that reason, we made this article with a couple of ways to wear knee-high boots to look absolutely stunning. Keep reading and find out more.

Wear them with pantyhoses

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Although knee highs are usually worn over the skin, you don’t have to worry if you are being uncomfortable. You can simply put on tights and wear boots on top of them. This makes the style softer and gives another dimension to the outfit.

For the rest of the outfit, you can put on everything you would’ve worn otherwise. A dress can be a good idea, or you can put on an oversize or long sweater during the cold months. Nevertheless, do not sleep on this trend. It makes the boots easily adaptable to your style.

Knee-high heels

For occasions where you plan on dressing up, or you just want to feel sexy, going with heeled thigh boots is a great idea. Getting a tenner stiletto is surely a way to emphasize every outfit you have prepared. However, if you find the thin heel unpractical, you can simply switch to a wider heel.

When it comes to combinations, you can wear these boots with anything short to show off a portion of your thighs.

With lots of models that thigh boots come with, you are not limited to wearing regular colors. Instead, explore the options and see what suits you the best. That way, you divide yourself from others with an exquisite style and begin setting trends.

All black fit never gets old

Going in a completely black outfit is always a good idea. Not only does it make you look stylish, but you can wear that fit to various occasions. Just be sure to break the monotony with simple changes in texture that additionally improve the combination, as suggested by https://www.dreampairshoes.com/collections/womens-knee-high-boots.

Luckily, wearing thigh boots to a completely black outfit is already great since they increase the intensity and bring attention to them. Black pants and longer sweaters are great additions to the fit which combined are bringing depth and texture.

You can also consider putting on a leather jacket with a crop top underneath. That way you have a difference in materials that makes the outfit instantly better.

Assess the situation

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While different outfits match each situation the best, thigh boots are suitable for many occasions. However, you will have to balance the remaining pieces of the fit to look perfect wherever you go.

For example, if you are preparing an outfit for work, instead of the thin heel, go with short and thick heels or flat boots. Wear slim jeans beneath the boots, and put on a shirt and blazer on top.

In case you are planning to dress up for a party or a cute date, consider the combination of a slim dress with heeled thigh boots. This makes you look provocative yet dignified and shows how much of a style you got.

Combine them with a t-shirt

If you are looking through some of the newer trends, you cannot help but fall in love with an oversize t-shirt and thigh boots outfit. We are not talking about a t-shirt dress, but an ordinary t-shirt that is just a big size.

While the oversized t-shirt makes you look messy and lazy, by combining it with knee highs you are about to witness a gamechanger. The boots are providing slimness to the immense t-shirt, that is how this comfortable fit looks extremely stylish and nice.

To rock this outfit, you don’t need any additional pieces or jewelry. Keep your hair either in a chignon or straight and you’ll look fantastic.

Skirt or dress combinations

It is impossible not to mention the fits of knee highs with a skirt or a dress. That is the easiest way to come up with a stylish feminine look that will instantly increase your confidence. There are lots of combination to consider so be sure to wear something you like that emphasize your style.

For a flirtatious look, you can simply combine the thigh boots with a mini skirt and a short t-shirt. For a universal style, go with a dress a couple of centimeters above the knee. As you can see, with endless combinations you can surely come up with an outfit for every occasion.

Find balance

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Without balancing the outfits, you will simply not look as well as you thought. Normally, you would want the boots to be the spotlight subject, but be sure to also have similar pieces on the uppers as well. Anything that adds texture or bulk is a great choice.

As long-time manufacturers, Dream Pairs knee-high boots have different models and colors to find balance for every occasion. This makes doing combinations with the remaining of your wardrobe easier. With that, every outfit you think of can be made better which further elevates your style and presents you better in front of others.


With such an ability to make every fit look fabulous, having knee-high boots becomes essential for every woman. Their versatility makes them suitable for lots of occasions which lets you decide when and how will you wear them.

You can be creative with your combinations and come up with a style you never thought you’d like. However, in case you don’t have currently any ideas, feel free to use the ones we provided in this article. We are sure you will look great, and you can simply confirm that with your first glance in the mirror.