10 Fantastic Ways To Surprise Your Boyfriend And Express Your Love

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Who said surprises are to be planned and executed only on birthdays or anniversaries?

Well, such occasions indeed call for a surprise party and celebration, but we say, why wait for it?

Each day is a celebration with the love of your life.

Don’t you agree, ladies? (We do too!)

With surprise, we obviously don’t mean something too fancy now and then but the little things. It’s all that matters and speaks volumes about your love for him.

That said, why not surprise him today in the seven adorable ways that we’ve mentioned below. He is undoubtedly going to appreciate the efforts put in and maybe shed a tear or two (obviously, the happy ones) on seeing this.

Enough of the talking. Let’s get to work, babe!

1. Surprise him with the tickets of something he loves

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Whether it be a football or cricket game happening in the city, or a movie he was planning to go to or a stand-up gig, surprise him with the tickets for it. And bam! He’s already ecstatic and can’t be any more grateful.

2. Unexpected dinner plans will surely surprise him

Did he share how good his day was going? Or did he mention how badly he needed a break from work?

No better reason than this to take him to his favorite place for dinner. Wait, how about considering the other one that you guys last time planned on going together? (Yet another surprise!)

P.S. While you ask him to wrap up his work in time for dinner, don’t reveal the place and restaurant you’ll be heading too.

We bet you; he’s going to love it and would want to do this out-of-the-blue thing more often.

3. Buy him something he randomly mentioned he likes

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Did he once randomly mention that he loved the latest edition of his favourite brand’s shoes or headphones?

Well, buy him those.

He’ll not only appreciate your attention to little details of him but also feel loved and cared for at the same time. And who knows, you might be surprised back with something?

(Don’t get your hopes too up ladies, we’re just sayin’)

P.S. Make sure to pack the stuff well so that it safely reaches his place. Invest in good quality packing materials and Direct Packaging Solutions is the name to trust for it.

4. Set him up on a date with his long-distance BFF

If your boyfriend has a very close friend who has moved away, or maybe his friend lives in the city but busy schedules didn’t allow them to catch up, make private plans with them for a much-deserved meet with your partner.

You have to manage things well, and everything shall go as per the plan!

He’ll genuinely be surprised by this sweet and caring gesture of yours.

5. Get flowers or his favorite something delivered at the office

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A work anniversary? Or a promotion?

Surprise him by getting flowers or his favorite something delivered at the workplace. It can be anything, his favorite pastries, doughnuts, cakes or chocolates.

He’ll realize how excited you are for his achievement. And, this feeling is amazing.

After all, the best partners pay attention to the achievements and milestones of each other, no matter how small or big. What matters is that it’s important to them.

6. Participate in something he loves

Make him realize how special and important he is to you by participating in something he loves, and he knows you don’t.

Maybe you can watch his favorite game with him or eat something he relishes. You get our point, right?

Even if you don’t feel the same about it, do it without complaining and let him have a good time.

7. Write him a letter and get it delivered

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Why not try the old school stuff? No one does it, and that’s what makes it all the more special. It’s a sweet gesture to tell him how much he means to you.

P.S. If your handwriting is pretty good, that’s a bonus!

He will anyway admire the effort.

8. Gift him his favorite alcohol

Is he someone who prefers craft beer? Or someone who loves good whiskey? No matter the booze, surprising him with his favorite one will literally make him fall for you, all over again!

{The next two points are most suitable for those living together. Brace yourselves, ladies!}

9. Leave him a list of your favorite memories together

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There’s nothing better than waking up to sweet nothings be it a weekday or weekend.

Just write down a few of your favorite memories, both sappy and funny on a paper and leave it beside his pillow. He is sure to keep thinking about you for the entire day.

P.S. You can even do this for consecutive days like write one memory each day and leave it beside his pillow. It sounds more fun, right?

10. You could leave a note in his shirt or coat pocket

Secretly leave a romantic note in his shirt or coat pocket and let him later find out during the day.

Wait, it doesn’t necessarily have to be romantic. You can simply write down how he’s looking for the day or anything you want to convey like “Meet you at dinner”. He will be more than happy to see it and would want to get home as early as possible.

Final Word

Your significant other is the best thing that ever happened to you. And, he means more than anything. So, why not convey this to him in simple gestures we mentioned above. It will keep the spark alive, and your bond shall strengthen even more.

What? You did it?

He didn’t see any of this coming, did he?


Mission accomplished, beautiful lady!