Wax Pen vs. Oil Pen – 2024 Review

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The recent moves to legalize cannabis in many states across the USA have led to a boom in the cannabis industry – more about that later – and there has also been a corresponding growth in people using CBD products.

CBD – cannabidiol – is a hemp-derived product that is used in many medicinal areas as well as for recreational use and is favored by people who have chronic pain as well as those looking for help with sleep problems, anxiety, and depression. Research is ongoing into the uses of CBD and the many other compounds that can be extracted from cannabis, but that’s a story for another time!

In this article, we are going to look at how people are currently taking their cannabis and CBD products, with the emphasis on the difference between the wax pen and the oil pen.

These are two of the most popular products that have come to light directly as a result of the growth in the CBD and cannabis industry, and there are many more that can be bought from retailers online and on the high street. So, let’s move on!

What are Wax and Oil Pens?

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As one of the fastest-growing markets in the USA, it is no surprise that an entire industry has grown up around the production and supply of cannabis and CBD. The demand is at an all-time high and continues to increase. The legalization of cannabis in many states – in some, it is now legal to grow a limited number of plants for personal use in the home – means that not only is the supply safer, but the product that buyers are getting is of guaranteed quality, and there’s no longer the necessity to take what the dealer has. The sheer variety on offer is impressive.

One of the biggest changes has been the way people are ‘smoking’ their weed and CBD or – more to the point – how they are vaping it. The vape and cannabis industries go hand in hand. When vaping first came about, innovative users made their own vape devices, using modified electrical items hence the term ‘vape mod.’ Now, however, there are affordable, usable, and discreet off-the-shelf vaping items that can be bought legally, and with the knowledge that you are getting a reliable device. This is where wax pens and oil pens come in, so let’s talk about them in more detail.

The popular and established online vape shop Vape4Ever tells us that wax pen is usually called dab pen on the market, becoming a tool that more and more users like to consume cannabis and CBD wax. So, the dab pen: this is a simple and effective way of vaporizing the substance you want to use. This can be cannabis or CBD; the choice is yours.

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The dab pen works by way of a heated coil. This is powered by small batteries that provide the heat, usually at the touch of a button. There is a routine to loading a dab pen – the weed or CBD needs to be placed into the atomizer by hand – that appeals to dedicated users, and these are small and easy to conceal devices, so are perfect if you like to keep yourself to yourself!

The oil pen is a slight difference device. There is no coil involved, and you don’t load raw material. What happens is you purchase cartridges of vape oil that you attach to the pen, and that oil is then heated by the element and vaporized. For many people, this is the most convenient way of vaping oils, but for others, the wax or dab pen offers greater variety.

Perhaps the greatest limitation of the oil or vape pen is that you are limited to the cartridges that you can use with that particular pen. However, these are very easy to use, small and neatly designed, and if you want to be discreet with your vaping, then you can go ahead and be so. The same, as we have said, is also true of the dab or wax pen. So, which is the best one for you?

Wax Pen or Oil Pen? It’s Up to You!

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The way you decide to vape depends on several factors: one is the substance you want to vape. Many cannabis users prefer the dab pen because they like to know exactly what they are vaping, and this is the best way to vape raw materials. It can also be used for CBD products in some cases, but there is perhaps more sense in using an oil pen for vaping CBD oil. This is because you can buy the standard cartridges very easily and cheaply, and it’s the easiest way to get on with enjoying your CBD intake.

The convenience of easy is similar; no longer are vape mods large, cumbersome items that you immediately get noticed with, as these small and discreet devices are intended to be easy to carry, easy to use, and are designed not to stand out. Each is also extremely efficient in the way it works, with little power required to create the vapor, and gets the job done very simply indeed. There’s a lot to be said for trying each, yet if you are a serious cannabis user, then you may find that the dab or wax pen is the closest you will get to smoking in an old-fashioned way, but without the need to roll all the time!

What the Future Holds

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The state of the cannabis market in the USA right now is one of growth at a quite fantastic rate. Not only are cannabis and CBD users now able to buy quality products that are guaranteed safe and effective – and in many places legal – but there are also increasing numbers of people employed in what is set to be a major worldwide industry as other countries across the world follow the USA in legalizing cannabis, and introducing licensed growers and retailers. Try your hand at a dab pen or oil pen now, and see just how enjoyable it can be to vape.