5 Remarkable Ways to Watch YouTube Offline

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Many of us go to YouTube, watch videos online and enjoy the content of different YouTubers or channels. But many times, you would be out of an internet connection and want to watch a video or listen to music even when offline.

But YouTube won’t offer the viewers the option to download the video directly because of copyright issues; thus, if you are moving here and there, find a way to out and enjoy watching YouTube videos offline as well. For viewers using third-party apps on Android or iOS devices, YouTube has made it challenging to download videos to their phones and tablets. Because of this, neither the Google Play Store nor the App Store recommends any YouTube downloaders.

You are also looking for which apps download YouTube videos. So, we are here to provide ways to watch YouTube offline. To get an update on technological trends, you need to read tech blogs on a daily basis, such as Techy Wired or similar

5 Incredible Ways to Watch YouTube Offline

Here we are taking you toward various options that can help you in watching offline YouTube features and enjoy even if you are out of internet range.

1. YouTube Premium Subscription

With a YouTube Premium subscription, you can legally download videos to watch later. You’ll notice that the YouTube mobile app now has a download option if you pay Google some money for a Premium membership. You can choose the quality you want to download by opening a video and tapping the download icon.

When you choose an option, your file will be downloaded to the storage space on your smartphone and be available for offline use. Your material will be hidden inside the Library folder. You will pay $12 or £12 a month for a YouTube Premium subscription at the time of writing. Alternatively, you can enroll in a family account for £18 to upgrade six different accounts to Premium for $18.

2. YouTube Downloader Extension

Out of the many ways to watch YouTube offline is to go for the extension to download YouTube videos. The method is to add a browser extension that would download YouTube videos. Once it has been installed and turned on, it will display a Download button anywhere there is a video.

You will have options for downloading your video’s format. The format in which you wish to download the video might not be available. In this situation, you can convert the downloaded video to another format using a video converter

3. YouTube Go App

The best ways to watch YouTube offline, the Go app, is another great tool that can help you. This app can assist you in watching videos offline on your mobile phone. When you install the app, it will ask for your cell phone number to activate the account. The following action is to begin looking for videos. When you locate a video, click on it to view your options, which include play and download. Select the desired quality, such as basic, standard, or high quality, before clicking the download button. The downloaded video will be located in the Downloads folder.

4. Addition of Offline on YouTube

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Whether you are using an android or ios device, you have various ways to watch YouTube offline. With the official YouTube app installed on your smartphone, you first go to the page of the video you wish to watch. The Add to the offline button should then be found. Not all videos can be watched without an internet connection. The Add to Offline option will be marked off if an individual video does not support offline mode. When you click on the button, a resolution selection window will appear. There are three resolution options available: low, medium, and HD. In your YouTube account, the downloaded videos can be located under Saved videos.

5. Best tools for Converting YouTube Videos

To download videos from YouTube, you can also use different software programs that can help you to enjoy watching offline videos with higher resolution. This is one of the best ways to watch YouTube offline. Let’s have a look at various apps that can help you:

4K Downloader

Using the PC/Mac program 4K Video Downloader is among the simplest ways to download a YouTube video. Simply copy the link to the video you want to download, and it will be saved to your computer so you can watch it offline. It’s free and extremely simple. Even automatically downloading content from any channels you subscribe to is possible with this software.

YT3 Downloader

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You can download YouTube videos in MP3 and MP4 codecs with this very basic Android YouTube video downloader. It offers an intuitive UI that is simple to use. Before downloading a video, you can glance at it using the preview button.

Everything you download will be saved in the Download folder and you can download things more quickly. Additionally, it displays song lyrics as you listen to music. Videos of both high and poor quality are available for download. This app only downloads music and videos from YouTube, in contrast to other apps.


Keepvid is a lesser-known yet practical YouTube video downloader that is accessible to Android users. It allows you to save videos from popular websites like Facebook and YouTube. While Keepvid’s website allows you to download videos directly, you can also access the same online resource more quickly by downloading the APK file. You have a wide range of options when it comes to filing quality and size while downloading a video using Keepvid. Even better, you can decide to download the appropriate video clip’s audio-only version.


One of the best and most effective YouTube video downloaders for Android is Videoder. To download the videos, you can select from a variety of websites, including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and others.

You may watch and download videos in a variety of formats. Any preferred quality is available, and the software itself allows you to share the video. The software has an amazing user interface and is customizable. Additionally, it comes with numerous themes, night mode, a built-in video player, and quicker download speeds.

Although Videoder isn’t listed in the Google Play Store, you may download and install it on your phone for free from its official website. It has advertisements but no in-app purchases.


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An open-source Android app called NewPipe can be used to get free YouTube video downloads. It’s important to note that our small app doesn’t make use of any restricted YouTube APIs or Google Play services.

Without displaying any obtrusive adverts, NewPipe strives to give its customers the experience of the original YouTube app. It has a very user-friendly interface and is an open-source program. The feature that allows you to play any YouTube video in the background while using other apps is the nicest part of this application.


We have provided you with an in-depth look at different ways to watch YouTube offline. The Apps that allow you to download YouTube videos and watch them even when offline are among the options we’ve provided for you in the arguments above. Every software offers consumers advantages of their own. The downloaders mentioned above are excellent choices for helping you save YouTube videos on Android for use in all of your offline viewing needs.