Best Time to Visit Taiwan in 2024: Month-by-Month Guide

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Taiwan is one of the most beautiful countries of Asia which offers a diverse landscape from ancient landmarks, over mighty mountains, and hot springs, to stunning beaches. The diverse culture of Taiwan is equally rich, as it’s the blend of Dutch, Chinese, Japanese, Aboriginal, and modern influences. That’s the reason why Taiwan is densely populated with so many ethnicities living together.

The vibrant and lively cities of Taiwan are full of amazing attractions for the visitors, including hundreds of years old temples and museums. The night markets of Taiwan are also the most famous among tourists, for delicious Taiwanese cuisine. Apart from the tourist attractions, Taiwanese people are so welcoming and friendly. They’ll make you feel like home once you visit their country.

Deciding which month, you should consider for your trip to Taiwan is not too difficult. Taiwan’s weather is relatively warm throughout the year with no big difference in temperatures no matter which part of country you are in. However, it can get extremely warm in the summer season and can affect your trip badly, especially if you are not a summer person. But that shouldn’t discourage you to visit this beautiful country.

There are other months when you can plan your trip; in spring or autumn season. No matter what you plan, keep in mind the rainy season and typhoons in Taiwan, which can restrict your tour. See below our month by month guide to the best time to visit Taiwan and plan your trip accordingly:


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January temperatures in Taiwan fall between 14 to 18 degrees Celsius, making it a pleasant time to visit the country. As a result, tourist activity is very high in January, with many sight seeing spots jam packed with tourists, from home and abroad. It does occasionally rain, so carrying an umbrella is recommended, however in the south it is usually warm and sunny. The Chinese New Year, which is the longest holiday festival in Taiwan, also fall sometimes in the later parts of the month so you’re sure to experience some festivities featuring the vibrant Chinese culture during this time.


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The weather in February is somewhat like that of January, but changes from place to place: the north experiences lower temperatures with rain and a colder climate, whereas the south usually sees warm and sunny days. Because of the Chinese New Year and the lantern festival, both falling in the beginning of the month, the place is swarmed with tourists. Hence booking should be done before time, but it should also be kept in mind, that the prices are much higher than usual, and places are crowded. Average temperature in Taiwan in February remains around 25 C, whereas in the northern part of the country, temperatures are colder, with an average minimum of 10 C degrees.


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March marks the beginning of Spring in Taiwan and the temperatures become really pleasant, but are still low enough for you to be wearing warm clothes. March is a great time to visit geothermal parks, go skiing on the ski resort on the Yushan Mountain, which is the tallest mountain in the country, and take in the beautiful, picturesque landscape, and enjoy the Spring coming into action in the many parks dotting the area. Average temperature remains between 14 C and 18 C degrees.


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Temperatures in April fluctuate between 17 to 35 degrees Celsius and there is an occasional shower, almost every alternate day. The north is still relatively cold, hence warm clothes must be carried. But overall, in the plains, the weather is pleasant enough for you to enjoy a good picnic with your friends and family amidst blooming, flowering parks. Yangmingshan, in particular, is a great national park to visit with cherry trees adding to the stunning scenery.


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May falls in the rainy season and is characterized by frequent thunderstorms. The atmosphere is generally humid, but it is still okay for many outdoor activities with temperatures ranging between 21 C and 26 C degrees. Spring is in full bloom and Taiwan National Parks are a great place to visit. The Song-Jiang Battle Array, which consists of 18 parades of locals showcasing their martial arts skills, also occurs in the early part of the month and is a must see if you want to experience the most popular martial arts festival in Asia.


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The weather starts to take a turn towards the warmer side, with temperatures reaching as high as 30 degrees Celsius in the south. Kenting National Park is a great place to visit if you want to bask in the sun or enjoy a cool drink lying on the sandy beaches near the crystal-clear waters. Although the beaches can sometimes close, if the waves are too strong; Because June does mark the beginning of the typhoon season.


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Heat and Humidity is what you should expect if you’re planning on visiting Taiwan in July, temperatures can get as high as 35 C. There are frequent thunderstorms and the occasional typhoon, so it is always encouraged to carry an umbrella around wherever you go. Although one might detest the idea of soaking in a hot spring in the middle of the summers, Xinbeitou’s hot springs provide a great way to relax your aching muscles and help you feel refreshed.


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August is the warmest month in Taiwan, with the typhoon season still going strong in most parts of the country, and temperatures remaining between 28 C to 31 C. There is, however, the possibility that the temperature goes up to 36 C in the afternoons. Activities that one can do during this hot month include lounging on the Kenting Beach, surfing or scuba diving, hiking or just visiting the Kenting National park. The elephant hill park is also a nice place to visit. Travel is possible between Teipei, Kenting, and the elephant national park with a bullet train, but Taxis are much faster.


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Autumn in Taiwan begins in September, but the weather still feels very warm. The lowest temperatures are around 27 to 30 degrees. If you want to beat the heat, the north still offers cool pleasant weather. Hiking on the Hehuanshan mountain is a great experience, as you get to see a breath-taking sunrise and sunset behind magnificent clouds around the mountain. The Confucius memorial ceremony at his temple occurs on the 28th of September and acts as a great way to understand his teachings.


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October falls right in the middle of Fall season in Taiwan, with the weather becoming very enjoyable and the temperature remains pleasant, with an average of 23 C. The mid-Autumn festival, which is the second biggest Chinese traditional festival, also often occurs during September. Apart from the Mid-Autumn Festival time, October generally has a small number of travelling happening. However, during the period of the festival, finding transportation, and booking flights and hotels can be a bit of a problem.


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November is, undoubtedly, one of the best times to visit Taiwan as the weather is cool but many parts are still sunny with relatively less rainfall. Average temperature remains between 18 C and 26 C in November. It is also not a high travel month, so most of the national parks, mountains, tourist attractions would be crowd-free. Taiwan is home to a great number of cycling events; you can cycle around the Sun Moon Lake in the month of November to enjoy your experience while also learning about the place around you.


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Although Winter in Taiwan officially begins in December, the temperatures are not too harsh to enjoy the outdoors. The temperatures are mostly mild, between 13 to 20 degrees with light showers. In December you can also experience the preparation for the upcoming Year in full glory, with occasional displays of firework, setting up of food streets, offering delicious traditional and native, mouth watering foods, numerous displays of festivities. In short, December is an ideal time to visit if you want to be immersed in the colorful festivities of the country and be swayed away by the native people’s contagious excited energy.


According to our weather guide, it is recommended to visit Taiwan in April or November. In April, rainfall starts to decrease making the weather warm and pleasant at the same time. Spring blossom is also in its full swing in Taiwan in April. If you want to see colors everywhere, visit the country in April but make sure to book everything in advance as it’s the high-tourist season. On the other hand, you can also consider November for your trip. During this month, the weather is not too hot, like other months, and the rainy season is also gone. If you want to witness the breathtaking fall colors, November is the time to plan your trip to Taiwan.

Make sure to avoid a trip from July to September as its typhoon season during these months. You must have seen the typhoon and destruction caused by it on television. When planning your trip to Taiwan, avoid this type of weather, this could affect your trip badly.

If you want to know more about the weather of this beautiful country, and also what else it has to offer, regarding tourist activities, don’t forget to check out this German website. It will tell you everything you should know before traveling to Taiwan.