How to Build Virtual Team Culture Using Videos

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Traditional team-building activities, such as offsite retreats or catching up over drinks after work, that contribute to a strong team culture are not possible when your team works virtually. Yet, the need to build a virtual team culture is imperative for various reasons.

Team building activities for virtual teams enhance employee performance rate, reduce absenteeism by 1 percent, and result in 21 percent higher profitability. Building a solid team culture can also provide positive reinforcement to the team and boost the morale of your employees.

Unfortunately, creating virtual opportunities to build a thriving team culture can be a daunting task. That’s where corporate videos can step in and foster a healthy work environment.

This article will look at what it means to have a virtual team culture and the various corporate video ideas you can use for your virtual teams for building a culture.

What is virtual team culture?

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In simple terms, virtual team culture creates a space in your organization where employees can freely engage and collaborate. A strong virtual team culture helps employees to experience a sense of belonging within the organization.

As per a survey, 46 percent of employees experience isolation from their team when it comes to remote work, and 30 percent of employees find it challenging to collaborate with their colleagues. Several remote workers also feel that loneliness is the second biggest struggle when working remotely.

Building an inclusive virtual team culture can go a long way in overcoming such obstacles. It also bolsters camaraderie, improves communication, and builds long-term relationships. As a bonus, you get to maintain the same amount of productivity even when your team shifts gears and starts working from the office.

Besides, an environment that fosters a sense of belonging impacts the organization’s overall performance — employees who feel like they belong are more productive, engaged and are 3.5 times more likely to contribute to their fullest abilities.

Corporate video ideas you can implement for building virtual team culture

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Building a virtual team that experiences high levels of engagement is no cakewalk. The lack of a well-defined structure and low engagement levels can affect your team’s ability to deliver the best work. Moreover, without the right communication tools, you may find it laborious to create a collaborative environment.

But simply sending emails or penning down voluminous SOPs and manuals is not the solution for building a solid remote team culture. In reality, more than one-third of employees get demotivated due to poor company-wide communication choices. Traditional communication tools also make it incredibly challenging to convey any non-verbal cues.

In such situations, high-quality corporate videos can boost engagement, as supported by these compelling facts:

  • 75 percent of employees are more likely to opt for videos over emails or lengthy documents.
  • Videos have a 10 times higher response rate when compared to static text and graphics.
  • 67 percent of employees excel at doing their work when instructions are conveyed through video or by text accompanied by images instead of plain text.

Here are few corporate video ideas to steer your team in the right direction:

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  • CEO town hall videos: Town Hall meetings ensure effective communication between the management and the employees. But when you have a remote team spread across the city or country, you cannot have in-person meetings.In such cases, using corporate videos is an excellent idea to help employees feel connected. Moreover, the word CEO often conjures up the image of an unapproachable person. Videos allow you to add a personal touch and make your presence felt, and go that extra mile to ensure direct communication from the leadership.
  • Explainer videos: Explaining industry jargon to the new hires or simplifying complicated products or concepts to the team members can be a tedious task when done through presentations or webinars. But using corporate videos can be an effective way to communicate to make the overall activity more fun and engaging.For instance, SAS, a business analytics software and service company, created a series of videos to explain the new medical plan launched in the company. The videos garnered massive views and nailed the brief as they were all very well received by the employees.
  • Remote employee of the month: Recognizing the employees’ efforts is a great way to boost their morale, especially when the team works remotely. Instead of sending an email to announce who stood out as the employee of the month, you can create a short video. You don’t need to outsource video making or video editing to any professional video production company. There are free online video editors like that can help you create engaging videos from scratch with the help of pre-designed templates. You can read more about them and decide which one works best for your needs.
  • Self-care reminder videos: Employees working remotely often blur the lines of work-life balance. If unchecked, this can result in burnout and impact the operations of the company. To remind your employees about the need for self-care, you can send them periodic self-care check-up videos. These videos can talk about the importance of diet, sleep, and exercise in maintaining the overall well-being and also provide handy tips to put together a self-care routine.
  • Introducing new hires: Bringing onboard a new employee is not enough. You must ensure to onboard such employees so that they feel part of the team right from day one. For remote teams, using an AI video editor to create short videos by new hires that showcase their unique personality and allow the rest of the team to get to know them better is a great idea instead of simply doing a Zoom meeting.For remote teams, short videos by new hires that showcase their unique personality and allow the rest of the team to get to know them better is a great idea instead of simply doing a Zoom meeting. Corporate videos such as these work especially well when your team is split across geographical locations, and finding a time slot that works for everyone is not possible.
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Wrapping up

A strong work culture ensures that virtual teams continue to function smoothly even when faced with challenging assignments.

There’s no better time than present to start putting these ideas for creative team-building videos into practice. We hope these tips help you create a happy and unified virtual team that loves working for your organization.