Is it Possible to View Instagram Stories & Posts Anonymously?

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Instagram possibilities seem boundless. You’re free to grow your business here, make new friends, learn new things, study a particular niche in detail, create a visual and get new ideas for inspiration.

Stories are viral here. But no matter how trendy Stories are, unfortunately, they’ll be gone in 24 hours. That’s their gimmick and probably the main reason why they are so popular among IG avid users.

Whether you go to Insta to view your followers’ posts feed/Stories or to keep an eye on users you are not subscribed to but are very interested in (your competitors or ex-girlfriends/boyfriends), anonymity can sometimes be worthwhile. And how about anonymity on one of the open networks? Are you able to browse Stories anonymously, or does it seem impossible at first glance?

I am in a hurry to tell you that an unnoticed Instagram watch is possible. Moreover, more than one method of anonymous content browsing is available. Let’s review all methods from online viewers’ usage (Stories, Inflact watcher, etc.) to “airplane feature” usage, and I hope that you will decide on the best option for you at the end of the article. But before starting, a couple of things need to be clarified: the reasons for unnoticed Stories/posts browsing.

Why watch Insta content anonymously?

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  • Stake out a competitor

It seems the best thing you may get out of browsing anonymously of Stories or posts. And being unnoticed is certainly not unreasonable. I am by no means advocating stealing content or ideas from competitors and passing them off as your own. It is enough to analyze all the info you have seen and draw conclusions to develop your business model.

  • Investigate your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend life

Curiosity is normal, especially if it concerns someone close to you (or not). And since people on IG generously share their emotions, happy and sad moments, it’s easy to find out what’s going on with her/him. Of course, it’s better to remain unnoticed, or they might think that we are interested in their life (blatant lie).

  • Learn more about partners

Often social media accounts can say more about a person than they do about themselves. And if it’s your current/prospective partner, why not learn more about him or her through the content? That way, you may find out exactly how to approach your partner or just find out more about him or her to make the business relationship more potent and more reliable. Why not?

Five ways of anonymous Instagram watch

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Web-based tools

Today most users are inclined to choose this way of “stalking”. It is a quick way of viewing and also a free one. The cool thing about such tools is that you don’t need to install or register, just connect the Internet and load the service page via a browser to launch browsing other users’ content inconspicuously. Stories-IG, StoriesDown, Instalkr, SmiHub, Inflact content viewers, etc., are examples of anonymous online viewers.

The way of browsing is the following:

  • connect the Internet and open a service page using any browser;
  • insert a username you are interested in and press a button to launch a viewing process: View, Browse, Start, etc.;
  • browse and explore the content secretly.


If exploring Stories unnoticed is your daily routine, you may pick out an alternative option to online services: apps. Although they need to be installed and therefore take up some space on your phone, they are also a convenient way to browse content directly from the app. Examples of apps for unnoticed browsing: BlindStory/StorySaver (Android) and Profile Unfollowers Analysis/Story Reposter (iPhone).

First, you have to install them and then log in to your IG account. Then enter a username whose content you are going to browse secretly or pick out the one with active Stories from your followers’ list. But such apps may only be used to view public Stories, not private ones. Despite this, some of them have extensive and additional features such as reposting, saving, or sending IG content to friends.

“Airplane mode” feature usage

The idea is to “cut off” your phone’s access to wifi and any Internet connections and watch pre-loaded IG feed and Stories in this mode. That way, your account name won’t show up in the list of those who have viewed the Story.

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How to view content this way:

  • refresh your IG page but not choose the Story;
  • switch your phone to flight mode via Settings (Android) or swiping from the screen bottom to the top (iPhone);
  • go back to Insta to play the Story or scroll through the refreshed news feed/ user’s profile.

NB: this way may not work well because of the latest Instagram updates. So check beforehand.

The Sneak Peak

A clever trick that works quite well if you only need to look at one Story.

The idea is that you tap the next Story after the one you’re interested in and partially swipe from left to right to half-expand the previous Story (i.e., the one you’re interested in). It means that you don’t open it to the end, and as a result your nickname doesn’t show up on the list of viewers, but you can still see what’s there.

The disadvantage is that you won’t see the video and the user’s next active Story.

Fake accounts

The method’s point is that you create another Insta profile, which will not reveal who you really are. In general, IG is very “attentive to” fake accounts, so be prepared to be blocked.

Even though it’s not as safe and fast as the previous ways of anonymous content exploring, it’s still as popular as ever. But don’t forget that you need to keep your profile up to date, and your content needs to be refreshed if you want your account to last longer.

Let’s sum up

As you can see, there are many methods of exploring Stories, and they all have their pros and cons. If Stories screening is more of a one-off activity for you than a regular one, it’s better not to install additional apps but to use online services. If you like to use gimmicks, then the “Airplane mode” or the “Sneak Peak” function is also available. And fake accounts are the most outdated but still effective way for the anonymous Instagram watch.