Videography – The Future Of Successful Marketing

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The image is said to speak 1000 words, and yet, some digital signage companies make videos that have more than 120 frames per second! If that is not enough for you, their copywriters can find the right words to keep the story of you and your brand round.

If you are still in doubt, we’ll only say that the short video sovereignly dominates multimedia and it doesn’t intend to hand over the crown and the throne so easily.

Video marketing is something that has been getting a lot of attention lately. And not because it’s a trend, but because it shows good results. Video is quickly becoming one of the most profitable digital marketing tools.

Therefore it shouldn’t be taken lightly. So, if you own a business that sells products or services, it is certainly advisable to consider including video content in your promotion. And here’s why:

Video increases information retention

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Combining audio and visual content in video formats significantly increases the chances of your audience remembering the information you’re giving. From what people hear, after only a few days, only 10% of the information will be kept.

In visual content, this figure is slightly higher and it goes to about 20%. But if a user sees and hears your presentation at the same time, they will remember as much as 80% of the information after a few days.

Video increases sales

One of the important facts is that video can help you win significantly more customers. Studies have shown that a large percentage of potential buyers are more likely to purchase if they have watched a video presentation.

Video content is particularly helpful in detail on how your product is used, and what exactly it does. These results are no surprise, given that sense of sight is the most dominant.

Consumers Love Videos

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People are much more likely to view your video presentation than to read your article, blog post or product description. It’s because the video is much easier to consume. It is temptatious even for the laziest audience. Therefore, good video marketing can reach a much wider and more diverse audience.

If you want to record videos explaining your products or services, or just show through your short video your product from several angles – companies with professional cameras with perfect editing, will meet your every challenge. A corporate video is considered one of the best PR tools that perfectly builds the image.

According to Signature Channel, everything you can’t tell your coworkers yourself – a short video can. Quick, simple, extensive, where each frame is in place. From scripts, directing, through filming to editing and post-production – the system is turnkey.

Video increases engagement

Your business is certainly present on social networks. When it comes to social network advertising, video is one of the basic ways that you can increase the users’ engagement.

There is a much greater chance that the audience will like, share, or comment on the social media post if it is in video form. Keep in mind the autoplay options, which can make the video even more interesting and capable of capturing users attention over textual content.

Video increases connectivity with your consumers

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Numerous marketing campaigns are aimed at arousing emotions for potential consumers. They have a positive effect on the decision to buy your product or use your services, but they also leave a mark in its subconscious.

With video, you can easily connect with your audience and make them gain confidence in your brand. Through video, you can tell your story and form a much more intimate relationship with your consumers.