Top 5 Video Conferencing Apps Release New Interpretation Features in 2024


Following the spread of COVID-19 all around the world, many people opted for staying home and conducting their business meetings across video conferencing platforms. In response, video communication service providers began to adopt more advanced technologies and add new features to accommodate the needs of their rapidly growing user base.

One of these changes was the addition of interpretation features in the multilingual business meetings. While some used smart voice recognition, simultaneous translation, and automated dubbing technologies, others dedicated human interpreters to fulfill this function. Not only did this update bridge the communication gap in the global remote business meetings, but it also saved the additional costs of getting professional interpretation services.

Read on more to learn about how video conferencing software incorporated new interpretation technologies as well as the technology advancements in this regard.


Having witnessed an unprecedented leap in the number of users to around 300 million, the most popular video conferencing app is Zoom. It includes an interpretation feature in its business meeting rooms. Nowadays, many classroom and college lectures are also taking place in this application. Due to the pandemic, the entire education system was paused, but the Zoom provides the solution of taking classroom sessions at your home.

Some new features added in this application supports multiple languages, including English, Russian, French, Portuguese, Spanish, etc. Once the host of the meeting enables this feature, attendees get to hear the converted audio. They can choose anything if they need to hear the original audio at a lower volume. You can also enable video when your teacher is showing something to you.



It is one of the oldest and famous video conferencing platforms that many people use around the world. In many places, all the interviews, classroom sessions, group meetings, conferences, etc., are completely done on Skype. Because of the suit of its competitors, Skype added new quick interpretation capabilities for meetings with more than two spoken languages.

There is a voice interpreter that can currently interpret discussions in 10 different languages, like Spanish, English, Chinese, Italian, Russian, and Arabic. Meanwhile, the platform’s text interpreter is quite available and accessible on the internet in over 60 different languages. There are more in the list that will be introduced later. Many more changes are about to come in future due to instant need for this application.

Google Transcribe


The world’s leading technology service provider has recently released its new “Transcribe” feature, which allows recording spoken words in one language and converting them in near real-time. It is a useful feature by Google, which is currently in use by many people across the globe. Everyone relies on the services and hence, do safer and correct translations of various words.

The new feature is much more advanced than Google Translate’s current transcription feature. Google Assistant also now has a new Interpreter Mode, which translates real-time conversations in 29 different languages, including Thai, Slovak and Hindi.

Google Meet


If you are operating a company, then it is essential to schedule meetings to discuss various products and services with your employees. When you arrange any meeting schedule on Google calendar, you can generate a meeting link, which can be accessible to all. You can add attendees, to whom you want to talk with in the video conferencing.

When the time comes, a call will automatically start from the inbox. People who have login their accounts will get the call, and they will connect to the conference. It is possible to send pictures, videos, documents, etc., to a group. There is a feature of connecting around 100 people in the video conferencing but only in the view mode. There are different conference rooms to handle different groups for meetings. You can integrate this feature with G Suite or other applications.



It is another popular video conferencing application, where you schedule meetings for big groups and connects viewers in a webinar. It is possible to share the screen and join calls to discuss various matters with your team. There is an option of call recording to record all the calls with different clients. You can connect GoToMeeting with different applications. You can arrange meetings by scheduling events in the calendar.

Alternative Technologies


Giant tech companies are making significant strides in the field of computational linguistics on the back of the rapid development of machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies. From voice and speech recognition to fully automated dubbing and interpretation services, technology is reshaping the language industry and giving more power to machines. Running an adequate real-time interpretation during your business meetings with foreigners will be, sooner or later, easily accessible on all platforms.

External Interpretation Services


Until automated interpretation becomes sufficient or human interpreting services are provided on all video calls, the best and quickest way to bridge your communication gaps is a traditional human interpretation.

Professional language service providers are now offering over-the-phone interpreting (OPI) and Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) services at high quality and reasonable prices. You can even translate your documents online using this app from your smartphone.

Once you have a video conference where people are speaking different languages, get in touch with a reliable language vendor such as Torjoman and request your remote interpretation services.

The Bottom Line

During the pandemic, everything happens online, including office meetings, school classrooms, family discussions, and much more. It is not possible to go anywhere and therefore, adapting to this technology is quite useful.

Many video conferencing applications are available on the internet. You can check some of the popular platforms that are mentioned above. If you are a business owner, then it is necessary to use such applications for scheduling meetings and attend discussions. Many other external and technology services can help in translating different languages into your native one.

You must try out these applications for doing video conferences and discussing essential matters on your products and services. It is possible to connect many people in different groups and manage other media files.