The Russian Model Says If Covid-19 Kills Half Of Humankind, That’s Good!

Image source: Instagram

Victoria Bonya, a well-known Russian celebrity has caused a stir online after suggesting that the death of an enormous part of the population would be no big deal and that it would be good for our planet. Victoria Bonya, a former reality star shared the controversial statement on Instagram, and the clip was shared widely on Russian social media.

Bonya said that coronavirus would actually have a positive outcome for the planet.

Image source: Instagram

“Humanity simply devoured the planet. And, for me personally, the worst thing that could happen is our planet dying. On the other hand, if half of the humankind would die, it would not be so scary.”

“Mankind as a whole has become worse than a locust which eats everything in its path and does not leave a living thing! Over the past 50 years, we have killed the planet in a way that no generation has in thousands of years. Such a shake-up, in the form of the coronavirus, could be beneficial to us”, she wrote.

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Bonya also said that she wishes no harm to anyone and that she hopes the crisis with COVID-19 will “teach us to be aware, appreciate life, appreciate nature, water (rivers, lakes, oceans, and seas), animals, clean air and everything that the planet gives us.”

The Russian model also noted that the situation with coronavirus will give the planet some respite.

While Bonya received some positive feedback, the vast majority of responses did not share her opinion.