Vanessa Bryant Net Worth 2019 – After Divorcing Kobe Bryant

Vanessa Bryant Net Worth 2019

Los Angeles is brewing with rumors about the divorce of Vanessa and Kobe Bryant. The famous couple seems to have reached the end of their fairy tale and now it is up to the courts to decide when both of them becomes single again.

Vanessa met Kobe when she was just 17 while dancing in a Tha Eastsidaz music video “G’d Up”. Kobe, who was 21 at the time, was in the same building, recording his debut album. Vanessa was still a senior at Marina High School in Huntington Beach, but that didn’t stop Kobe from asking her out. After just six months, he asked her to marry him. The couple got married in 2001, despite the opposition from Kobe’s parents. The marriage was conducted without a prenuptial agreement, something Kobe may live to regret if the rumors are true.

Vanessa Bryant Net Worth 2019

This wouldn’t be the first time Bryant’s face the divorce. In 2011, Vanessa filed for a divorce, citing irreconcilable differences. They even filed for jointed custody over their two daughters but managed to patch things up and in 2013, they announced that the divorce is called off.

Back then, Kobe’s net worth was around $150 million and Vanessa was set to receive half of it, around $75 million. Rumors have it that she will still get the same amount of money, but also, she gets to keep all three luxury houses Bryant’s owned together including a mansion worth $2.9 million which couple jointly owned since 2003 now has its new owner Vanessa. The Orange County Property worth $18.8 million.

Vanessa Bryant Net Worth 2019

Kobe Bryant net worth is estimated at $500 million, so mere $75 million she has to give to Vanessa won’t put much of a dent in his wealth. Still, the fact that he didn’t insist on prenuptial agreement means that the divorce, if proved to be a real thing and not just a rumor, will cost him a lot more than it should have.



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