7 Benefits of Using a CDN for Your Website

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A couple of years back, CDN was most commonly added to the sites of huge organizations that have global traffic. But nowadays, the demand for medium and smaller companies for content delivery networks has increased, which means that more and more organizations choose to use them.

If you’re thinking about using it for your platform as well, you might be wondering whether or not it’ll be beneficial. To answer this particular question right away, yes, adding it to your platform will be beneficial. Before we take a closer look at the list of seven benefits you could gain, let’s first learn what CDN is:

Content Delivery Network/CDN: Explained

A content delivery network or as it’s more commonly referred to as CDN is a set of servers that operate concurrently in order to allow faster delivery of content over the Internet. This means that, by utilizing it, organizations can easily ensure that the content they post to their websites loads faster – which includes things such as high-quality photographs and videos, as well as HTML pages and different downloadable files.

Since the servers are located at different locations, the distance between your server and the one used by the visitor of your site is minimized, meaning that the content will load faster for the user. You must remember that CDN cannot operate as web hosting since it functions on cached content, hence, CDN will only boost the platform loading pace – which is something that is quite crucial to the success of your business.

So, What Are The Advantages of Using it?

1. Your Site Will Become Reliable

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Although you might not realize this, websites that perform fast can help you with improving your sales and conversion rates. How? Well, it’s simple to understand – people don’t like waiting for sites to open and because of this, they might decide to move to the platform of a different company, which will result in a bounce for you. By using a CDN, you could guarantee that your site loads quickly, but more importantly, you can guarantee that all online trades are done without any hindrances.

2. It Can Help You Reach People All Over The World

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Everyone uses the Internet nowadays for accessing websites of companies located all over the world. However, if a particular site has a server in Europe, it’ll load slower for someone located in America or Australia. If you want to achieve global reach, using a CDN could help you get rid of any latency issues, which means that people will be able to open your site quickly, even if they’re located on the other side of the globe.

3. It’ll Save You a Lot of Money

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Using a CDN can help you save a lot of money, mostly because you won’t be investing it into separate servers and foreign web hosting, instead, you can achieve your goals by simply investing in one platform that’ll take care of all operations happening on your site. It’s worth mentioning that some companies such as AgileCDN allow demo periods and free trials, thus, you could see how it works at www.agilecdn.cloud before paying for them.

4. Less Downtime = More Sales

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Since a content delivery network can distribute content across the world, they feature an automatic sensing mechanism, which will instantly redirect users. Thus, a website that features CDN will operate at all times, something that can help boost sales. You should know that the site will load, even if there are network or hardware problems, hence, you won’t have to worry about downtime and decreasing sales.

5. You Can Contact Customer Support at All Times

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By choosing a reliable and experienced CDN company, you’ll gain access to customer support. Basically speaking, the customer support team will be at your disposal 24/7, so, if there are any issues with how your website is performing, they’ll be able to help you. Having access to a customer support team will help your organization thrive, which is incredibly important if you’re a smaller business that is just starting out.

6. Your Site Will Be Protected Better

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In recent years, the number of cyberattacks increased and in the process, the reputation of various companies has been damaged. Whenever an individual enters sensitive information – such as their banking details or personal info – into your site, they’re placing trust in you and a cyberattack could cause a lot of issues for you. Such servers will help you protect your site better, mostly by adding another layer of security to it.

Cloud computing was created to stop such attack before it even reaches your data centres, which means that it’ll assist you with keeping your site up and running. By implementing a content delivery network, you will no longer have to worry about cyberattacks, instead, you can rest assured that your data is protected. You should remember that not all CDN providers are the same, so, if cyber security is important for you, look for one that’ll provide you with such services.

7. The Server Load Will Decrease

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A CDN organization will always strive to strategically place all of its servers, which means that the load on connections will be decreased. This means that you can increase the traffic capacity of your site, hence, there will be no issues when multiple people access and use your platform. The content will still load quickly because of the position of the servers, which cannot be done if there is only one server being used.


Although a lot of business owners don’t realize it, a CDN can do wonders for their companies. Besides ensuring that the content on your site loads quickly, it’ll also provide you with an experienced customer support team and it’ll help you save time and money, all of which will help your business thrive.

By now, you probably understand how beneficial a CDN can be for your organization and if so, you might not want to spend any more of your free time reading articles similar to this one. Instead, you might want to start looking for a CDN hosting organization that’ll provide you with the services that suit your needs.