7 Useful Office Supplies & Gadgets To add to Your Workplace

Img source: pexels.com

Our offices are the places where we spend at least 40 hours every week, and for some professionals, this could go as high as 60 or even more hours every single week. We want this space to represent us, and we want to feel comfortable when we walk through the door. It is said that people who invest in special items in their workplaces are proven to be happier, more driven, and more focused in their jobs.

You can personalize your workspace with a lot of things, and in this article, we are going to name just some of them. Continue reading if you want to know more about some of the useful office supplies and gadgets that you can add to your workspace, and how they are going to help you and make you feel better and more driven.

  1. Zen drawing book

This may seem like something you don’t need, or that could just distract you from work, but in reality, our jobs can be so stressful that we just need a moment to destress.

With the right drawing or coloring book for adults you can create cool shapes and you can just relax for a few minutes. These coloring and drawing books have been proven to help out a lot, and the best thing about them is that they cost just a few bucks.

  1. Charging station

img source: unsplash.com

Now let’s talk about something that is going to be extremely useful for you. We all use our phones a lot when we are at work, and your business phone needs to be charged and available for you at all times.

However, taking your charger with you everywhere is not practical, and even if you forget it once, you may risk missing a lot of important calls. In addition, the cable chargers can get damaged pretty easily, and you risk having to replace them constantly.

Because of this, you should invest in a good charging station that will be placed right on your desk. This way you can look at your device as it is charging, and if needed, it will be within your reach.

  1. Cool tape dispenser

If you want to add something fun to your workplace, then you can easily show off your personality with a fun tape dispenser. We use the tapes all the time, and every time you use the dispenser, it will put a smile on your face.

In addition, they are great conversation starters, and you can make new office friends, or you can take a break from talking to your coworkers only about your tasks, and you can talk about something else.

  1. Laptop stand

img source: unsplash.com

More and more people nowadays choose to use a laptop when they are at work, and they seem to be more practical than the standard desktop. The problem with laptops is that we constantly need to adjust the lid to be able to see better, and if they are not placed correctly, they can easily overheat.

The last thing you want to happen is your device overheating when you are finishing an important task, and according to southwestbusiness.ca the angled stand will help you get not only the optimal viewing angle, but you will also protect your laptop from overheating.

  1. Air purifier

When it comes to closed spaces, we all know how fast the air can become stale, and how difficult it is to breathe when the ventilation is not properly adjusted. Some workplaces don’t have the option to open a window, and keeping your door open is extremely impractical.

If you don’t want to lack oxygen, and if you don’t want to risk experiencing constant headaches, or even breathing issues, you should invest in a mini air purifier.

There are so many different devices you can find on the market, and some can easily be connected to your computer via USB to work. Others use batteries, and you can even find some models that need to be plugged into the outlet. Choose the best one for you depending on your preferences.

  1. Transportable printer

img source: unsplash.com

Sometimes we need to get things printed on the go, or we are not able to get to the office printer. If you need to print just a few letters on a piece of paper, or if you need to add something to your business card, or even your planner, then you should invest in a mobile printing device.

They are small, chargeable, and they can be easily transported. They are all lightweight and depending on the brand you choose, you can get some high-quality printing done. Pick the right one for you depending on what you need to get done, and how you’d use it.

  1. Keyboard cover

When you work overtime, chances are, you will have some snacks on your desk, and you will drink your coffee. The problem with food and fluids around tech devices is that if something spills over them, they can easily get damaged.

If you always seem to find crumbs between the keys on the keyboard, and if there is always dust or even dirt, then you need to stop wiping it over and over again and instead use a protective cover. There are different models depending on the type of device you use, and you can even play around with colors or even patterns.

The cover will help you protect your device from many different things, and when you feel that it is getting dirty, you can just remove the cover and wash it. It is extremely practical!

These are some gadgets and accessories that you can implement in your place of business that will help you create a better working environment. Don’t forget to add some personal touches to your office, and put a few plants as well. Know that the colors you choose for these accessories are going to make a big difference, so choose hues that you like and that will help you relax.

Know that these items are just a fraction of all the things available these days, and most of them are pretty inexpensive. So, choose the right gadgets for you, and know that every time you invest in something that will help you with your tasks or your mood, you will actually be investing in yourself in that company.