A Beginner’s Guide to Use Marijuana Safely in 2024

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You were always aware of it, and maybe you even tried it with friends in college. However, it was taboo, a story to tell about a crazy night, not something feasible for proper adults.

Now, marijuana is becoming legalized all over the country. More people are starting to show interest and feel comfortable using it for various purposes.

As cannabis turns into a consumer product, multiple strains, consumption methods, and doses pop up to fit everybody’s needs. Let’s explore everything you need to know to use it safely.

Why Use Marijuana?

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There’s a long list of benefits to medical marijuana use. If you have a chronic health condition, it can help handle the symptoms and improve your life quality.

Even without a doctor’s prescription, though, cannabis can boost your health and well-being, make you more relaxed or focused, and help you energize and socialize.

Regarding wellness, the plant can alleviate:

  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Stress
  • Muscle pain
  • Appetite issues
  • Joint stiffness
  • Insomnia

Moreover, people often use cannabis instead of harmful and addictive substances. They report drinking less, cutting down on smoking cigarettes, and replacing painkillers and sleeping pills with a puff.

Cannabis Components

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When you first start your research, you’ll run into a lot of mind-boggling jargon. Don’t let it intimidate you – everything a beginner needs to know is straightforward and easy to grasp.

The current buzz in the world of stoners revolves around CBD and THC. The common misconception is that they’re different cannabis types. Instead, they’re the two best-known components among over 100 distinct compounds found in the plant.

  • THC is psychoactive, causing euphoria.
  • CBD is more medicinal, with therapeutic effects.

Choosing a CBD-only product lets you experience health benefits without getting high.

There’s also a relationship between various strains and THC/CBD amounts. Indica is often high-CBD, while Sativas tend to be THC-packed.

Those looking to manage symptoms should go for plants with more CBD or even pure extracted oil. Even if you’re curious about the psychedelic, starting with less THC paves a more reliable path to Sativas.

Consumption Methods


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Ever since the days of illegal marijuana, smoking was the most prevalent form of cannabis delivery. People would put dried flowers in joints, pipes, and bongs for easy, quick consumption.

Smoking has immediate effects, but they wear off within one and four hours.


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The health risks of inhalation are a bit lower with vaporizers. These devices heat the plant until it releases its oils, but doesn’t burn it. So, you’ll inhale the vapor, not smoke. This method is more discrete and controlled while still providing immediate relief.


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You’ll find cannabis-infused oil and butter to use in regular cooking activities. Heat the meal to the necessary temperature, and you can make anything, from pasta to brownies.

Edibles have a delayed impact, but the effects last much longer. Plus, much anecdotal information suggests that eating affects the body therapeutically, eliminating the mental high.

Note that doses are especially tricky to tell with edibles, though. Be sure to start small and give it time before taking another bite.


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If you’re worried about dosing, tinctures are your best bet. This liquid marijuana concentrate can go into your food, beverages, or directly under your tongue.

The effects kick in after around 15 minutes, depending on the product. Plus, you’ll find a variety of options, higher or lower in THC, strain-specific oils, flavored or sugar-free alternatives in any smoke shop.


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Marijuana-infused creams and salves are growing in popularity, primarily for people looking to heal injuries at a particular body part. They’re non-psychoactive, delivering the components through the pores for pain relief.

Potential Health Risks

When it comes to health concerns related to marijuana use, most revolve around addiction.

While the plant doesn’t cause physical dependence, it could lead to antisocial behaviors if you use it in excess. On that front, the vital thing to do is keep yourself in check.

Regarding physical health, cannabis is beneficial to the body in various ways. However, some studies showed that high THC amounts could cause negative long-term consequences for your heart.

The research used synthetic THC, though, and CBD tends to protect against such effects. So, as long as you don’t overdo it or have existing heart conditions, you’re good to go.

Another concern relates to smoking. While much less detrimental than cigarettes, any smoke is harmful to the lungs.

Joints and bongs are easy, quick delivery methods, but it’s best to use them rarely and stick to alternatives most of the time. If you prefer inhalation, buy a vaporizer.

Tips for Your First Session

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The first thing to consider is how you’ll acquire marijuana. Gone are the times of hitting up a stranger on social media to check whether they’re selling.

Instead, visit an online store to simplify purchase paths, such as Me Time Box. You’ll know what you’re getting – strain, dose, and manufacturer.

Once you choose the right, high-quality product, it’s time to consume it. These three rules ensure that you make the most of it.

Start Small

Take it slow during the first few sessions, especially if you went for a high-THC product. You might feel uncomfortable, vomit, or even experience nasty mindstates.

When smoking, take one puff and wait for at least five minutes before another. Other methods come in packages with clear labels explaining the dosages. With time, you’ll gauge your tolerance levels and find the sweet spot where you’re taking just enough to feel the effects you’re seeking.

You don’t need to be as careful with CBD-specific products. While it’s still best to incrementally increase the dose until you feel the release, there’s much less potential for trouble.

Drink Water

Cannabis is an enhancing substance. It can cause dehydration, making you feel dry and hung-over after your session. So, keep a bottle of water nearby and take small sips every once in a while.

Give Yourself Time

Remember that everything you’ll learn about cannabis comes from generalizations. Everybody experiences it differently, and the impact may differ depending on what you ate prior, how you’re feeling, and how tired you are. It’s an individual experience that you’ll explore with time.

The Bottom Line

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Marijuana is harmless and helpful. You only need to take the right approach to consumption.

So, get informed about the products, play with different delivery methods, and take your time. You’ll maximize the benefits while avoiding all the potential pitfalls that irresponsible use could cause.