– Website Review 2023

Img source: represents a website with more than a million users and even more occasional guests and visitors. The main focus of this website is the forum page, where you can discuss with other people about finding escorts, massage clubs, and people who are offering various sexual services.

This site is specialized for people who are more into one-night stands, and who are willing to pay for such services. Here is some further information about this website.

Main Features

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First of all, there is a great difference from this online platform and others like Tinder, Badoo, and many more, because the main focus is on finding a partner for paid sexual relations. This site is in the form of a regular forum, except here you could find a lot of ads for sexual services, and comments of other users.

The registration is free, and you can search for people in your area, which is most popular for tourists who seek some daily adventure. However, many people are accusing this and similar sites that they are supporting human trafficking since most ads, services and reviews are related to providing sexual services.

When it comes to the design, it looks like the company didn’t find so important to have a modern interface, since they have only a basic landmark page in blue color, with a link that will redirect you on the registration form, which leads to forums with a lot of reviews and ads.

Advantages of Using

The main advantage of this site is that you could get in contact with people who already used services from the person that you are interested in, and hear their experience. Also, it is much safer when you know that the ad is correct, and the person from it is a real one. There are many spams and fake ads, who could steal your data or deceive you in some other way.

On this site, you can find millions of people, recommendations, stories, and ads from different parts of the country. There is a chart where you could find the city where you are staying, and read what people are saying about having fun in that place. Usually, there is a lot of links and pictures where you can see further details.

The Greatest Challenges of This Site

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One of the first issues for many visitors is that the government is monitoring this kind of website and platform, especially since the Fosta law being introduced in 2018, which bans all websites with adult content. Usasexguide changed their base from the USA to Netherland because of that. Be sure that the state where you are staying finds prostitution as legal. If not, it would be better to stay away from sites like this one.

Apart from that, there are many other issues, such as increased prices, fake reviews, or some even more serious situations where people said that there were persons addicted to drugs, or with various deceases. Also, there were situations where a person from the ad don’t look the same as in pictures. There were also cases where undercover agents hunted people in states where prostitution is prohibited.