How to Unlock iPhone When You Forgot iPhone Password – 2024 Guide

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Apple has been one of the market leaders for their mobile phones. With their iPhone termed as the safest device not vulnerable to any hacks – there comes a huge responsibility. This is why Apply Company has worked to make its iPhone fail-proof. Even the owner can’t access the phone if the password is forgotten. With so many individuals keeping random passcodes – there are high chances of them forgetting it and there are high chances of exactly why you’re here!

Forgot iPhone passcode? Facing the frustrating experience of not being able to remember your passcode? With the advancements of face id and Touch id on the latest devices, passcodes aren’t prevalent. Many unlock the iPhone without a password and hence, forget what it was.

If you’re an iPhone user searching on how to unlock the iPhone, then you’ve come to the right place. A message error showing your iPhone is disabled can be irritating and not remembering your passcode can be even more so. If you’re stuck in a similar situation then you don’t need to panic as you can recover your device even after you forgot your iPhone passcode with the help of this site. Furthermore, we have listed down the best tricks and tips that’ll make it way easier for you to have your phone usable again in no time.

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Most Obvious Method – Use tips

Although obvious, not many individuals perform this method. There are 80% chances that the passcode you kept for your device is the number that holds some significance in your life. Be it your parent’s birthday, the day you had your first kiss, or the day you got married – there are limited possibilities that you must try. This method will only save you the hassle of having to explore other methods that can even cause data loss.

The common misconception is that the code is 4-digit so before you enter any, we suggest you write down all the possible passwords and according to the significance, enter them. If you’re lucky, you’ll have an unlocked iPhone in your hands.

Understanding the Error Message

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There have been instances when users of the iPhone weren’t able to differentiate between the messages and have had problems in unlocking their iPhones.

If by chance you see an error message showing the iPhone is disabled, try again in Y minutes, then you’ll have to wait the time given before you can try reentering your passcode. However, keep in mind that you only have 10 attempts. As after, you’ll get a message saying, iPhone is disabled – connect to iTunes.

Once your IOS device tells you it’s disabled, you have unfortunately no way but to reset it using iTunes.

Resetting your IOS Device

Apple Inc. has made it clear that the only way to recover your forgotten iPhone password is to perform a factory reset on your IOS device. However, if you’ve made a backup before, you can save your data – or else, you’re left with a just like a new device with no way of getting your data.

Resetting and Restoring from iTunes

If you’ve been lucky enough to have a data backup of your iPhone you can easily reset it using iTunes and then recover the latest backup.

Using the simple steps, you can get your iPhone back:

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  • Connect your device with a laptop or computer your device was previously synced with
  • Open iTunes, if there is no popup with a password, you can proceed or else connect to another laptop you have synced your device to.
  • Wait for iTunes to sync your device and make a backup
  • When the sync completes, you’ll have an option to restore the iPhone. Use your last made backup to restore it from iTunes.

Performing these steps will restore the device to the point where you’ve last made backup and will remove the passcode – giving you a chance of setting up a new one.

We do recommend setting up the new password and writing it somewhere so you don’t forget it again. You might not be lucky the next time you lose your password.

If you’re the worst luck and weren’t able to restore your iPhone using iTunes, you might want to try using iCloud or using the recovery mode. However, these two methods are for advanced users mainly and could result in data corruption, data loss and erasing the data permanently on your iPhone with no chance of recovery.

Since Apple Inc. takes pride in the security and privacy it delivers – there is no possible way hacking into the security infrastructure of your IOS device and getting your data. Hence, it’s safe to say that your iPhone is bulletproof.

Dr. Fone

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If you aren’t satisfied with the service of iTunes or still couldn’t make your iPhone usable again – you can always use Dr.Fone – IOS Unlock as an alternative software. Even though the iPhone is impenetrable, this software is the perfect solution as it can unlock your iPhone within no time. With the special software capabilities, Dr. Fone – IOS Unlock will not only allow you to unlock your iPhone but will even let you access your iCloud locked phone easily – that too with no previous tech knowledge.

Have your IOS Device unlocked and repaired even when you forgot the passcode with the steps detailed above or using Dr.Fone – IOS Unlock as an alternative software.