5 Ways To Come Up With A Unique Tattoo Idea in 2024

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Choosing to get a tattoo is exciting and can help people to feel more unique and confident. However, it is not an easy decision to determine what would kind of tattoo to get, especially if you are doing this for the first time. We are aware that people have various dilemmas relate to finding the right artist, choosing a proper design, how it will look when they grow old and much more. Choosing the right style and artist is indeed very important, but you should not worry so much about other things.

Getting a tattoo will make you feel special and more attractive. Also, many people choose to have some special art or just simple words as a reminder of some person or important moment in their lives. On the other side, even artists have occasional problems with inspiration. If that is your case, visit Ink Happened to find out more about the community of artists and studios who shares their experience and motivate each other for new ideas and styles.

Furthermore, if you are interested in getting some unique print on your arms or any other part of the body, you shouldn’t rush with the decision related to both artists and the print, especially if you are interested in something bigger and more complicated. Also, you should research the artists and check their previous works. Here are some of the best ways to help you find out a unique tattoo idea.

1. Look for Something Important

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After you decide where you want to place the ink, you will need to think more about the appearance. The best way is to choose something important, like someone you love or any important situation in your life.

That way, the chances that you won’t be satisfied with the final result are much lower. You will have to focus on that print and examine each part of it while imagining how it will appear on your body. When you choose some phrases or symbols that are important to you, the design of the print will become simple.

2. Choose the Right Place on Your Body

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Besides the preferred design, it is also very important to determine the best position to increase its effects. For example, the same design might have a completely different effect on the leg and your back. The best way to choose the place is by comparing areas on your body with its design and determine the most suitable spot.

On the other side, many people want their tattoos to be in some more subtle place, which means that they should choose the back, abdomen, and other areas that are not seen when you are wearing clothes.

3. Select the Right Style

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While every artist would try to be unique in his arts, there are some common designs used by most of them. Some of the most common styles are New School, Old School, Japanese, Trash, Tribal, and Geometric. The best way to choose between these is to check the examples online and see which one suits you the best.

Moreover, you can always try to combine several styles into one tattoo to get something more different. The great advantage is that you can always consult with someone with more experience and get important advice about whether you should choose something more geometric or abstract.

4. Create a Sample

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The most important part of getting a tattoo is to get the right sample that will be inked on your body. You should never rush with your final result. Also, you have to know that tattoo artists are professionals interested and experienced in the drawing.

Therefore, you should describe to that person what you want to achieve with your drawings. That is especially important for people who are not so good with a pen. Even if you are, create a variety of samples and compare that with the spot that you want to tattoo. Also, ask your close friends and people who already have tattoos what they think about your idea.

5. Research Examples Online

Img source: unsplash.com

You can use the benefits of the internet where you can find thousands of examples of amazing tattoos from other people. Even if you don’t like any of them, you should pay attention to some small details and techniques that might help you to decide the right print and the artist who will apply it to your body. Almost every artist has at least an Instagram account where you can look at his previous work.


Many people chose to get their first tattoo in teen ages when it was exciting and represented a new experience. However, there are a lot of people who regret their decisions because they didn’t like the print in the older days. Therefore, you must be sure about the art that you want to apply with the ink. That is the main reason why you should choose something that relates to you in any way. Moreover, it is a great idea to ask some stylist or graphic designer to edit your samples, because that might lead to an even more attractive picture in the end. Nevertheless, avoid getting a tattoo only because you think that it will make you look more attractive.

On the other side, there are many cases where people choose to get it only because of the appearance, and you should know that there are many examples where people got their tattoos, and they look amazing, even though they don’t have any special meaning to them. However, you will have to follow the shape of your body and the positions of previous tattoos to determine the perfect size and spot. The best way for that is to create a bigger picture in your head, where you are imagining all your body covered with art.

In the end, it doesn’t matter whether you want some truly unique work or a simple phrase on your body as long as you are satisfied with the final result. Removing the tattoo can be painful, which means that you should always think about every detail to avoid disappointments in the future.