From Partners to Residents: Understanding the UK Spouse Visa Process


Moving to another country is always an exciting time for an individual. The saying that the world has never been smaller than it is today is quite common. What does this mean? Well, it means people can move freely from country to country. Of course, it is needed for them to fulfill a set of requirements. As you can imagine, these requirements depend on numerous elements, like your chosen procedure.

It means that every country offers different possibilities for those interested in immigrating. The best example of this happening is the situation in the United Kingdom. You will see numerous sorts of visas individuals can apply for. The decision depends on what your needs are and what requirements you can fulfill. In the last couple of years, the UK visa for spouse is easily among the most prevalent ones.

Some may ask themselves why is this the case. Well, with more people being able to travel, chances of marrying a foreigner tend to rise. With that in mind, you will see this as a choice for many people. Today, we want to explain the UK spouse visa procedure in detail. We will shine a light on the most important elements of the process. Without further ado, let’s begin.

The Basics


Before diving deep into the topic, we want to discuss the concept itself. The spouse visa in the UK is permission for foreigners married to UK citizens to come to the country and live with their partners. We are talking about the category which is based on the ECHR’s article eight. The article guarantees everyone the right to respect their private and family life. That’s why it is possible to connect the partners this way.

Since we are talking about foreign nationals, the couple is not married in front of the UK’s legal institutions. Instead, we are talking about them getting married in different legal systems. You will find cases where people are married within the religious communities of other countries. In both cases, the UK’s government allows couples to connect through one of them getting citizenship. The procedure is not easy, but it does not mean it is not impossible to go through successfully.

After obtaining the visa, foreigners can remain in the country indefinitely. The procedure for becoming a citizen of the United Kingdom comes after that. Naturally, the candidates for this visa need to go through the clearance period. The period in question serves as a checkup for their claims. Of course, there are many misuses of this opportunity. That is why the local government is so strict about the progression rules.

Language Requirements

The first part of the procedure is proving that the candidate has the right level of knowledge of the English language. Without having a complex conversation with the government employee, it is not realistic to expect a successful outcome. Therefore, the candidate needs to learn the language thoroughly before applying. English is now a global language; learning it is not a problem.

However, it is important to say that being able to have just a basic conversation will not lead anywhere. The reason is quite simple; the candidate wants to become a citizen in the future. For that reason, it is important to understand the language as best as possible. The candidate must learn how to communicate with the locals to pursue employment and be comfortable enough to live in the country.

Proving that Someone is a Partner


Now, we’ve got to the most interesting element of the procedure, proving that someone is a partner. What does this mean? It means that the government agents will go through the case and investigate even the smallest of details regarding the case. As you can imagine, many attempts to obtain this visa through false marriages will end when the candidate gets citizenship. Sure, no government will allow this to happen, which is why these checkups are so rigid.

One of the most important requirements is a certificate confirming the relationship between the couple. We are talking about the document that confirms them being married to each other. But this is not the only way to prove it. The couple needs to provide solid proof that their relationship is genuine. Of course, someone can prove this in many ways. But if you are in a genuine relationship, you will not need to worry about failing.

Suitability Criteria

Lastly, the government institution will apply the suitability criteria. It means that the agents will go through the case and see whether there is some proof that the relationship is not genuine. Sometimes, the candidate might have all the documents that prove the relationship, but the truth is completely different. So, nobody should be surprised why institutions of this nature are so strict about following the rules they’ve set up.

Two sorts of criteria can make the case refused by the government. The first one we are talking about is known as the mandatory grounds. It means the application must be rejected if they spot the reason for doing that. Another sort is known as discretionary grounds. In this case, the grounds for rejecting the application usually end in rejection. However, there are times when the institution will make an exception.

Of course, both of these grounds come with different possibilities. The agents will review the case, consider all the elements, and come up with a decision. Yet again, finding a solution for every situation is impossible. The reason is simple; every case is unique. Therefore, the institution must go through all the aspects, no matter how small the details are. The length of the process depends on numerous factors, but the case’s complexity is among the most significant.


The road from becoming partners to residents is not an easy one. Proving your claims to be legitimate requires resources, time, and patience. Here, you can see all the most relevant elements to understand the UK spouse visa. We are certain you will find this insight helpful in your future decisions regarding moving to the UK this way.