Ulike vs Nood: Which Should You Choose?

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With IPL taking the whole world by storm in the realm of at-home hair removal, Ulike and Nood stand out as popular brands in the industry. Over the years, both brands have tirelessly worked to improve and catapult themselves to the leading position.

Attesting to their popularity are the numerous positive reviews from users and fan base worldwide because they offer safe, reliable, and effective hair removal procedures. Both brands are FDA-approved, however, they have some differences.

In this article, we will compare the differences as well as evaluate the benefits and features of these two products.

Why Choose Ulike Hair Removal?

This is a popular IPL hair removal brand that specialises in producing safe, lightweight, nearly painless, laser-based and convenient-to-use at home hair removal devices. These devices that feature sapphire ice-cooling technology that can be used for different skin tones without risks. This company develops and produces hospital-level at-home hair removal devices that are clinically tested, FDA-approved, and dermatologist recommended. Ulike’s IPL devices come in two models, Air 3 and Air +. While both models are highly popular in the IPL hair removal market, Air 3 is considered an enhanced version of Air +, providing even more noticeable hair removal results.

Key Features

  • Sapphire ice cooling tech
  • IPL breaks the hair regrowth cycle by targeting the melanin
  • Multiple intensity levels
  • A large treatment area
  • Easy to hold/handle
  • Nearly painless hair removal process
  • Very compact & Lightweight
  • Very quick and easy to use

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Why Choose Nood Hair Removal?

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Nood is also a brand that produces at-home hair removal devices. Nood devices are also FDA-cleared and are produced to replace razer and waxing. Nood devices are designed to offer users pain-free experiences while putting an end to the problem of unwanted body hair. Nood devices like the Flasher 2.0 for instance feature a powerful design of light based technology that can be safely used on several areas of the body including the legs, face, underarms, bikini, etc.

Key Features

  • UV-protective light
  • Five intensity levels
  • Precision Plus IPL
  • Glide mode
  • Digital display
  • Easy to use and handle
  • Long-lasting results

Comparison: Which One Suits You?

When comparing two products from two different brands, you must understand that the differences in each product are what makes them unique. Both brand products are clinically tested, FDA-approved, and safe to use at home without needing the help of any professional.

Notwithstanding, according to testimonies from users, many people believe that Ulike is better for beginners and results can be seen quicker than Nood. Also, this device features a technology that is known as Ice cooling technology. This feature makes it stand out from its counterpart. The emergence of this feature makes the hair removal process nearly painless as the Ice-cooling technology cools down your skin.

Technology Applied

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Both brands undoubtedly prioritise safety and assure their customers and fan base that their products will offer pain-free hair removal processes. However, Ulike has undoubtedly gone a step ahead with the inclusion of additional features like the Ice cooling technology that is not found in the Nood hair removal devices.

Effectiveness and performance

Talking about effectiveness and performance, both devices are specially designed to address the various needs of individual users and skin types. Nevertheless, the Ulike’s IPL device seems to stand out in terms of general effectiveness and performance. Testimonies from users attest to the fact that Ulike is most likely effective and outperforms the Nood. In addition, Ulike also has faster treatment times and faster visible results than the Nood.

Pain Level

When addressing pain levels, it is important to understand that both devices are manufactured with user safety in mind. This means that none of the devices will cause any life-threatening harm to your body. However, Ulike is said to be less painful than Nood. The reason is that Ulike employs a cooling feature as well as a fourfold sapphire ice cooling tech that focuses on ensuring that individual users experience pain free treatment. Meanwhile, Nood on the other hand, has no cooling feature or comfort mode.

Ease of Use and Convenience

Without mincing words, both of the devices are very effective hair removal devices that can be used at home. However, Ulike is more easy to use and considered more convenient than Nood. Ulike devices, they are more user friendly and easy to use for anyone, including beginners.

Customer Service

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One thing that is sure about Ulike is the prioritisation of customer service. Their customer support is outstanding and their response time is under 24 hours.

Customer Feedback

According to feedback from customers, Ulike is much easier to use than Nood, especially for beginners. The visible flat window design featured in the Ulike device perfectly makes it easier for users to focus on specific areas of the body that they want.

Pricing and Value for Money

Both brands are similarly priced and they both offer users good value for money. When you think of the price, Ulike’s devices are a little more expensive than Nood’s. For instance, the Ulike’s Air 3 model has a post-discount price of $329, and the Nood Flasher 2.0 has a post discount price of $179. But then, the advanced technology of Ulike and its unwavering effectiveness makes it a one of a kind product with good value for the money.


In conclusion, both devices are good in terms of design and use. But Ulike has the upper hand when we talk about comfortability and ease of use. Indeed Nood is cheaper to purchase than Ulike; however, the advanced ice cooling technology and other comfort features of Ulike make it worth the money. To make an informed decision when choosing which IPL device is suitable for you, check out features like performance, customer satisfaction, convenience, ease of use, pricing, your budget and also individual preference.