4 Types of Swimsuits That Never Go out of Style

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Like any women’s clothing, a swimsuit should be stylish, emphasize attractive sides, and highlight beauty and grace. At the same time, it should be comfortable so that every woman feels confident, beautiful, and welcome on the beach or by her favorite pool.

Stylish women’s swimsuit: TOP-4 options

Swimsuits for women are really special clothes, so together with the Lascana online store, we decided to find perfect models for all occasions. To cope with such a challenge, we will focus on those options that remain in trend season after season. Some styles do not go out of fashion for decades and are liked by women on all continents. Such women’s swimsuits in the beach wardrobe are like little black dress that suits all women without exception. So, which swimsuits to buy so that they always remain relevant?

1. One-shoulder swimsuit or tankini

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The strap passing over one shoulder makes the swimsuit a perfect combination of beauty, openness, and comfort. Such models will never lose relevance because they are not too frank but, at the same time, emphasize the beauty of the shoulders and neck and lengthen the silhouette. These are exactly those swimsuits for women that give every beauty self-confidence.

They are great in plain models, but they look just as harmonious with floral or geometric prints, which allow you to experiment endlessly and enjoy flawless feminine beauty.

Models with one strap are easily combined with other beach clothes. Choose for yourself modest monochromatic or bold and bright, more closed or quite open models — the market offers options for every taste.

Tankinis are another type of one-shoulder model, but they are distinguished by the fact that they are more modest and closed. They open the back but almost completely cover the abdominal area. Tankinis combine the convenience of a one-piece swimsuit with the appeal of a bikini — it’s a perfect mix that doesn’t lose its popularity no matter what.

A bikini with a high waist has remained fashionable and relevant for decades. The lower part of the swimsuit lies above the waist but slightly below the navel. Thus, the coverage area of ​​such a swimsuit is slightly larger than that of a regular bikini. This option not only looks more modest, but it also very advantageously emphasizes the waist area and focuses attention on it, hiding any flaws. No wrinkles or worries about the imperfection of the figure or skin — you are always wonderful.

Another advantage of the style is that it allows you to create a visually slimmer silhouette. A high bikini may not appeal to all women under 160 cm tall because, in this case, the legs seem a little shorter. But this rule works selectively, so the best way to find the ideal model of this style is to measure. One of these women’s swimwear is definitely waiting for you.

2. Sports one-piece models

One-piece beachwear is a good choice for very sunny weather or activities in the pool. One-piece bathing suits for women decorated with interesting cutouts or decorative elements are aesthetics and comfort in one. A one-piece swimsuit with straps will allow you to feel elegant and sophisticated, and strapless models, especially in combination with ruffles and knots, will help you create a bold and attractive romantic image.

3. Bandeau bikini

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If there was only one style left in the swimwear world, it would be the bandeau bikini. This option is universal and, therefore, does not go out of fashion for several decades in a row. It is a strapless design, but it does not lose its practicality. Rather the opposite: thanks to the fact that there are no straps in the swimsuit, your tan lays down evenly, without creating strange patterns on the skin, which are often left by straps.

In the trends of this season, bandeau bikinis received a lining for additional support or bones in the bodice, which beautifully shapes the bust. The edges of the bandeau bikini are very elastic, thanks to which the womens sports swimwear perfectly fits the figure and does not slip during active movement.

4. Trikini

A triangular bikini or trikini is one classic version of swimwear, where the triangular cups are connected with a cord or ribbon, have ties at the neck, and can additionally have a lining and a push-up. Despite the simplicity of the style, these models exist in hundreds of interesting variations of design, patterns, and colors.

How to choose your perfect swimsuit?

To begin with, you should decide what kind of swimsuit you need: one piece or separate. One-piece women’s bathing suits are best suited for sports swimming. They are also recommended for women who do not want to sunbathe.

Separate swimsuits are suitable for everyone because, in addition to the fact that designers offer ready-made sets, you can safely combine parts from different bathing suits. These combinations can look so successful and original that other beauties on the beach will ask where to buy the same swimsuit.

Choosing a swimsuit according to the type of figure

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Although all the specified styles of swimwear do not lose their relevance, women choose the models that suit them best. To find the perfect swimsuit, you should focus on your body type.

  • Sand clock. Such girls can wear anything — and will always look perfect. Such an image cannot be spoiled, but it is quite possible to add a few seductive details. For example, high swimming trunks will lengthen the silhouette and make the legs visually longer, and triangular cups with laces or a top with molded cups will emphasize the curves, and the stomach will appear flattered.
  • An “oval” type of figure needs a swimsuit to add volume to the hips and emphasize the waist. One-piece swimsuits with nice cut-outs on the back, as well as tankinis, are best suited for this.
  • Girls with a “triangle” figure should avoid massive bottoms, horizontal or too-bright prints, and swimming trunks with an inflated waist. And these are exactly the things that are recommended to owners of the “Inverted Triangle” figure.
  • The “rectangle” figure dictates its own rules for the style of the swimsuit. It should emphasize the waist, so a tankini will be the best choice. Swimming trunks with a wide belt and a wide bra also cope with the task.

You can follow these rules or feel free to break them and dictate your own. We, women, like to be beautiful, but it is even more important to feel comfortable and confident. Then, the image will be attractive, and the rest will be 100% successful.

Just go to the Lascana catalog, choose the swimwear you like the most, and go on a trip, sign up for a pool, or go to the beach with friends or family. Enjoy every moment because you are stylish and refined today!